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The mission of the Division of Academic Affairs is to ensure that a quality educational experience is available to students who enroll at Fayetteville State University.


About the Department

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Division Goals and Outcomes

The goals of the Division of Academic Affairs, along with related outcomes (linkable), are as follows:

GOAL 1 - Student Learning: To promote relevant and significant learning.

GOAL 2 - Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Rate: To achieve goals for enrollment, retention rates, and graduation rates.

GOAL 3 - Educational Support Programs: To provide effective educational support programs.

GOAL 4 - Faculty and Staff Development: To provide effective programs and activities to support the professional development of faculty and staff in the Academic Affairs division.

GOAL 5 - Research: To increase research productivity.

GOAL 6- Community Engagement: To foster and encourage faculty and staff support of educational outreach, community engagement, partnerships, and collaborations through various forms of service with special attention to public schools and intellectual and cultural programming.

GOAL 7 - Effectiveness, Accountability, and Resourcefulness: To demonstrate operational effectiveness and fiscal accountability and resourcefulness.

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