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Online Degree Completion Students

Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to an online-degree completion program.
Once you are admitted to the university, the academic department will evaluate your credentials for admission to the online program.

An online degree-completion (ODC) student is one who takes at least 75% of upper-division coursework online. Since FSU only offers our upper-division (junior and senior level) courses online, ODC students must already have completed the University College Core Curriculum, or be dual enrolled with a partnering community college. All qualified applicants for undergraduate admission as an online degree-completion student should submit the following documents:

  1. Application for admission to the university: Download the Online Degree-Completion Application 
  2. Non-refundable $40 application fee
  3. An official transcript from each college or university attended. (Sent directly to the university from the Registrar’s Office of the previous institutions attended.)
  4. An official high school transcript or official General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) results. (Required for all students that have not earned at least the Associates degree.)   
  5. Military records (if applicable)

To be eligible for admission at Fayetteville State University, online degree-completion students must also:

  1. be eligible to return to the institution last attended; and
  2. have attained a 2.00 GPA or higher based on all courses attempted at all institutions.

For more information on online degree-completion programs, please visit: Online Programs 

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