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What Every Parent Wants to Know

Choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions in your student's life!

As parents, your concerns may be different than those of your student.  Fayetteville State University is in tune with your needs and the needs of your student.  The page below offers frequently asked questions from parents. These questions have been important to parents in the past, and we believe they may be helpful to you as well.  

If at any time you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions (click a question to see the answer)

1.    Will my student be successful academically?

2.    What about cost?  Can we afford it?

3.    How safe will my student be on campus?

4.    Will my student be able to maintain good health and well-being at FSU?

5.    Tell me about student housing?

6.    What is there to do on weekends?

7.    What about sports?



1. Will my student be successful academically?

Your student's first year is an important one as they make the academic and social transition to a new environment with new expectations. It is such an important year that Fayetteville State University has created learning communities, a variety of new student activities and workshops, and offers 1:1 and group tutoring for all students.  We ensure that your student has the resources they need to be successful, and we encourage you to encourage them to seek the available resources when they need help!

Our learning communities link together students, faculty, and courses to create more opportunities for enrichment, interaction, and exploration.  Learning communities may include co-curricular activities, service learning, or other non-traditional educational experiences.  Some include a residential dimension, with students living together and having some portion of their instruction and study time in their residence hall. 

Furthermore, with a 16 to 1 student/faculty ratio, our students find Fayetteville State professors within reach. Our faculty members are always accessible by appointment, phone, text, or email, and most have a generous open-door policy.  Faculty members can suggest learning strategies to help your student make sense of the course, they can suggest a tutor, or other academic resources that are available on campus. 

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2. What about cost? Can we afford it? 

Fayetteville State University prides itself as being one of the most affordable institutions in the UNC System.  University administrators work diligently to ensure that the cost of education won't prevent any qualified individual from earning a degree.  In fact, last year we awarded more than $65 million in financial assistance.  About 95% of FSU freshmen receive financial aid or scholarships. Add to that a wealth of opportunities for on-campus employment, and suddenly your budget is looking pretty good!

You can find more information on financial aid here:  Also, feel free to call them at 800.368.4210, as they will work alongside you to determine your students opportunities for financial aid.

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3. How safe will my student be on campus?

The safety of Fayetteville State University students is a top priority.  The Department of Police and Public Safety is a fully accredited law enforcement agency with powers identical to those of municipal police agencies.  What does this mean for your student?  It means they can feel safe on campus day or night.  We have around the clock patrol with officers who are highly trained and skilled, 40 call boxes located throughout campus, and a non-emergency and emergency phone line manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 All of our residence halls require card/key access, or have front desk point of entry personnel to monitor visitors.  We also provide special services such as escorts for walking home at night and numerous educational programs regarding campus and personal safety.

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4. Will my student be able to maintain good health and well-being at FSU?

From multiple gyms, an indoor pool, tennis courts, an outdoor track, a variety of intercollegiate and intermural sports, fitness programs and more, your student will have a variety of opportunities for exercise.  However, we understand that a good diet is also a huge part of a healthy, full-functioning person. 

Our dining services provide information online and in dining halls to help students make healthy diet choices.  Each day there is a variety of options available, including a salad bar, sandwich bar, and other daily specials.  They even have a free app that students can download to view daily menus, get nutritional information, and more. 

 Aside from eating and exercising, we also have a Health Services Department that includes doctors, physician assistants, nurses, counselors, and pharmacists, all available to ensure your student maintains good health while at FSU.

From academics, to exercise and overall health and well-being, we take pride in offering a comprehensive program geared towards supporting all of your student's needs throughout their time at FSU.

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5. Tell me about student housing?

Students at Fayetteville State enjoy a comfortable place to call home that is also convenient to all of the action offered at a dynamic university like FSU. Our facilities boast fitness centers in each residence hall, heating and air conditioning, on-site laundry, study areas, internet access, expanded cable, and most of our facilities offer suite-style accommodations. 

 Our newest residential facility is Renaissance Hall. It is a 3-story, 370 person dormitory that features 2 and 4 bedroom suite style living. The facility includes full-size beds, a fitness area, meeting spaces, learning labs, computer centers and more.

 All of our halls are staffed with live-in peer leaders called RAs, a live-in graduate assistant (RLC) and a full-time professional staff member.  All of these individuals help students navigate all aspects of college life. We are dedicated to integrating education and out-of-class learning, and we strive to create living-learning communities that foster a positive and productive experience for students.

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6. What is there to do on weekends?

Like many historically black institutions, FSU is alive with rich traditions that add energy and excitement to student life.  From the minute your student steps on campus, from Welcome Week, Orientation, and Operation Smooth Move, you'll get a sense for the array of activities that take place throughout the year.  FSU puts on one of the best homecoming celebrations around with step shows, sporting events, coronation, a fashion show, concerts, and many other activities sponsored by our clubs and organizations.  And that's truly just the beginning.  From Rodeo Week to Honda Campus All-Star Quiz Bowl and everything in between, your student will not get bored!

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7. What about sports?

At Fayetteville State University, we have 7 intramural sports and 10 NCAA intercollegiate sports.  Bronco Pride runs strong; our varsity teams have brought home more than 47 CIAA championships in recent years in football, basketball, gold, volleyball, tennis, bowling, and softball.  We also offer a wealth a recreational activities, including outstanding fitness facilities for swimming, weight training, and racquetball.

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Important Contacts for Parents

Admissions -  (910) 672-1371 

Campus Police - (910) 672-1775

LEAP - (910) 672-2007

Financial Aid - (910) 672-1325

Registrar - (910) 672-1185

Student Accounts - (910) 672-1155

Student Health Services -  (910) 672-1259

University College - (910) 672-1251


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