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Year 3 – Junior Year: Gaining Career Experiences
  • Schedule an appointment with a career counselor.
  • See your advisor to discuss mid-term grades.  Plan for registration, final grades, and adjustment to your schedule.
  • Start considering options for after graduation: career and/or graduate/professional school; get information on graduate school entry exams.
  • Participate in an international experience or study abroad.
  • Continue building practical experience through employment, volunteer work, internships and co-ops.
  • Participate in interviewing, cover-letter writing and other job-search workshops.
  • Practice your skills at mock interviews.
  • Review your progress in learning four (or more) skill employers look for in new hires.
  • Attend on-campus career and job fairs and employer information session that relate to your interests.
  • Take leadership positions in clubs and organizations.
  • Ask former employers and professors to serve as references or to write recommendations to future employers.
  • Complete at least five information interviews in careers you want to explore.  Shadow several professionals in your field.
  • Research potential employers in the career library and talk to recent graduates in your major about the job market and potential employers.
  • Begin networking- make contacts and keep a journal of employment possibilities and contacts.
  • Continue keeping up with current events.
  • Build your professional wardrobe.
  • Prepare for graduate school exams and seek assistantships.
  • Apply for graduation.
Summer Vacation After Junior Year
  • Get a summer job in your chosen riled; continue to earn expenses and enhance your marketability for jobs after graduation.
  • Develop job-related and computer skills.
  • Develop maturity and knowledge of the workplace.
  • Compile inventory of interests and qualifications as they relate to your career objective.

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