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Time Management

Tip 1: Approach College like it is a real job.
  • A planner (paper or online) and record all your activities – academic and social.
  • For each course you have, rate your interest level and the type of course, list the course requirements, set a goal for the grade you wish to earn, and determine the amount of time you will need to study each week.
  • Establish a study schedule – set aside a block of time each day that is created specifically for studying.
  • Listen to your biological clock and choose the best time for you to study.
  • Begin each week with a weekly schedule for that week’s assignments and activities.
  • When studying, start with your most difficult subject, while your mind is freshest and most receptive.
  • Research indicates that unless you review within 24 hours, 80% of the material can be forgotten -- build review sessions into your daily schedule
  • Force yourself to complete your assignments every day; don’t stop until they are done.
  • Avoid scheduling back-to-back classes. Use the time in between your classes to review your notes.
  • Use small amounts of time to review -- time wasted in line at the bookstore or waiting at the laundromat can be used to review note cards.
  • Remember the “Six P's”: prior planning prevents pretty poor performance.
Tip 2: Choose your studying place and be faithful to it.
  • It should be nearby, quiet, and lacking distractions.
  • Make it a place that is only associated with studying.
  • Create a pleasing atmosphere.
    • Have a good desk, a sturdy chair, good light, comfortable temperature.
  • Put on your favorite slippers or make yourself a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. Make your time special.
Tip 3: Use Lists
  • If you can't imagine how you can possibly accomplish everything you need to do, make a list.
    • Include everything that needs to be done
      • Homework
      • Class Assignments
      • Grocery shopping
      • Laundry
      • Partying
      • Sleep

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