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Plan Your Schedule

  1. Maintain a curriculum guide by recording all of the courses you complete. This will help you know which courses you have yet to complete. You can print out a copy of the curriculum guide for your degree from the Advisement Resource Page. You will also find the "Degree Audit" in Banner helpful in identifying the courses you need to complete.
  2. ALWAYS Use Banner to check for course availability. DO NOT rely on the printed schedule. The on-line schedule provides up-to-date information, whereas the information in the printed schedule may be incorrect.
  3. Always use the "Course Schedule Worksheet" to make sure you avoid time conflicts.
  4. Use the "Advisement Worksheet" to list the courses you want to register for.
  5. Complete required courses in the University College Core Curriculum before enrolling in 300- and 400-level courses. (Do NOT put off taking your math and science requirements.)
  6. Always check to make sure you have appropriate pre-requisites for any course in which you enroll. (The computer system will catch some, but not all.) Course Pre-Requisites are listed in the Course Descriptions of the Catalog.
  7. If you fail a course, don’t put off retaking it. You should re-take the course in the next semester after you have failed it for two reasons: 1) The course material will be fresher in your mind, and 2) The F will continue to have a negative impact on your GPA until you repeat the course.
  8. If you repeat a course to improve your GPA, be sure to complete a Course Repeat Form and submit it to the Registrar.
  9. If you fail a course this semester which is a pre-requisite for a course for which you pre-registered, you must adjust your schedule for next semester: As soon as registration period begins, be sure to drop the course you pre-registered for and add the course you failed.
  10. When you have a question about a degree requirement, policy, or procedure, check the catalog. Don’t rely on what "they" say.
  11. Be sure to declare your major before you earn 60 hours.
  12. See your advisor on a regular basis.

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