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Academic Success Plan for Advisors

The Academic Success Plan is a student’s blueprint for improving academic performance at Fayetteville State University. You will prepare this in consultation with your Student Success advisees – any advisee with a cumulative GPA below 2.0. The Academic Success Plan has several components that together create a path to success.

Advisee Assignment

Shortly after the end of Drop/Add, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a Student Success Advisor survey.  This survey will have a “course” ADVG 102, Student Success Advising, with a “section” consisting of any of your advisees with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 as of the beginning of the semester.  You can click on the course to see your advisees and some information about them.

Contact Information

It is important that you and your advisee be able to contact each other. Please emphasize the importance to the student of checking FSU e-mail regularly.  Try to get a current cell phone number.  Make sure your advisee knows your office hours and contact information as well.

Contract Terms

The Contract lists things students can do to improve their academic performance.  You will discuss and agree to them with your advisee.  There is flexibility to select the items that will best serve the student’s needs.  You can add other items as well.  The actions listed on the contract are as follows:

  • Meet 3 times with my advisor: The Student Success Program at FSU requires three meetings.  Meetings may be conducted by phone or e-mail at the discretion of the advisor.
    • Academic Success Plan: An initial meeting to create the Success Plan.
    • Pre-Midterm Review: A meeting to view progress thus far.
    • Post-Midterm Review: A review after midterm to discuss strategies for concluding the term successfully.
  • Meet 1 time with each instructor before midterm: Getting to know instructors will make student more comfortable with asking questions in class or seeking their instructor’s assistance during office hours.
  • Attend classes regularly and complete all assignments on time: Essential to academic success.
  • Attend available workshops on study skills and time management: If you find you do not have enough time to study, or if you are studying but still not doing well, you may need to brush up on your study or time management skills.  Look for information about workshops in your FSU e-mail.
  • Take advantage of academic support where available: the Learning Center, Smarthinking, and Supplemental Instruction are just some of the academic support resources available at FSU.  A list of resources is available on the Transfer and Advisement Center website.
  • Meet with a career counselor: Sometimes students are not motivated because they do not see how their courses are related to their career goals.  The Career Services Center can help students identify their career interest.

The Academic Success Plan is a contract between the student and her/his advisor. The student agrees to pursue the recommendations in the Success Plan, and the advisor agrees to provide access and advice as needed.


You will report on your Student Success students using Student Success Advisor Surveys, which will be sent via e-mail three times during the semester.  They will be sent one week before the deadline for each meeting, and they will be available for two weeks.  You can use the link to return to the survey during that period.

Instructors will report on meetings with students in their classes using a Student Success Instructor Survey that will be sent shortly before midterm.

At the end of the term, Student Success advisors will receive a final survey with one yes-or-no question: Has the student fulfilled the terms of the Academic Success Plan to your satisfaction?

Should Student Success students be placed on academic suspension after the end of the term, their fulfillment of the Academic Success Plan will be considered by the Academic Appeals Committee in deciding whether to approve reinstatement from suspension.

More Information

Information about the Student Success Program can be found on the Transfer and Advisement Center website. University College and the Transfer and Advisement Center are jointly responsible for the Student Success Program.


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