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Subir Nagdas
(Chemistry and Physics)

The research of Dr. Subir Nagdas of the Department of Chemistry and Physics focuses on reproductive biology of mammals, including signal transduction pathways regulating sperm function, the role of sperm acrosome in fertilization and the role of the epididymis in maintaining sperm viability.

Greg McElveen
Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives - School of Business and Economics

Greg McElveen the Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives in the School of the Business and Economics is involved in a research collaboration with local hog farmers to design a more effective method of converting hog waste to energy.

Milton "Johnnie" Marshburn
Regional Director, Small Business Technology & Development Center (SBTDC)

Milton "Johnnie" Marshburn, the Regional Director of the Small Business Technology and Development Center at FSU is actively involved in aquaculture research.

Journal Articles

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