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Can I get a job in the arts? (Hint: Yes)

You can be employed in the arts. In every city and many small towns throughout the United States, there are arts jobs to be found, from working on staff in a local theater, to teaching music, to managing a gallery, to coordinating public art, to performance, to design -- you name it.

Arts majors (music, theatre, and visual art) at FSU obtain valuable skills and dispositions that can enable you to step into a a wide range of careers and paths of graduate study, including:

  • Arts management and administration
  • Acting
  • Musical Performance
  • Directing
  • Video and Audio production
  • Stage Management
  • Production management
  • Scenic designers
  • Costumers
  • Props masters
  • Teaching in music, visual art, theatre, or dance
  • Digital and graphic design
  • Studio artist
  • Visual communication and media marketing
  • Art Museum, art gallery and curatorial work
  • Historic preservation jobs
  • Graduate studies in art history, arts education, art therapy, studio art, and musicology, ethnomusicology and music history

Fine Arts majors also learn skills that are critical for any number of jobs and professions outside the fields of music, theatre, and visual art. Fine Arts classes train students in creative problem solving, visual and critical thinking, research and presentation methods and communication skills, as well as self-discipline and self-motivation. Many fields require the kind of broad background in intellectual and cultural history and skills that the fine and performing arts are uniquely positioned to offer. In a world driven by visual and audio technology, Fine Arts majors have an edge. Fine Arts students pursue careers in:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Commercial illustration
  • Interior design
  • Industrial design
  • Retail sales and business
  • Fashion design and merchandising
  • Print, television or internet media
  • Web design
  • Humanistic disciplines and sciences
  • Law and medicine

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