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Additional music and academic events:

Location and Time

All recitals and meetings will take place Wednesdays, 12 - 12:50 pm in Rosenthal Choir Room unless otherwise indicated.

Please put these dates on your calendars!

For more information, contact the department office at 910-672-1571 or Dr. Parker, Music Coordinator at (910) 672-1253.

Recitals and Seminars


Department of Performing and Fine Arts presents

Fall 2015 Music Seminar/Student Recital


Aug. 19 Welcome! Expectations and Introductions!

Aug. 26 B.A. Music : One degree, two options- Dr. Sheryl Linch-Parker

Aug. 27 Majors' Roundup- Rosenthal Recital Hall, 2:00 p.m.

Sept. 02 Meet the Band Director- Mr. Jorim Reid

Sept. 09 Careers in Music- Arts Management, Julia Atkins

Sept. 16 NASM and Your Role- Dr. Earnest Lamb

Sept. 23 New Video Project- Brandi Berry

Sept. 30 Student Recital

Oct. 07 Student Recital

Oct. 14 Music Major /Advisee Meeting

Oct. 21 Homecoming Week- No Recital Hour

Oct. 28 Student Recital

Nov. 04 Student Recital

Nov. 11 No School- Veterans Day

Nov. 18 Student Recital

Nov. 25 Meet with Advisors

Dec. 02 Student Recital

Dec. 04 Music Juries (Instrumental, Vocal, Keyboard) (9 am - 4 pm)

Dec. 07 Sophomore Qualifying Exams (Instrumental, Vocal,Keyboard) (10 am - 3:00 pm)

Dec. 12 Commencement

All recitals and meetings Wednesdays @ 12 p.m. - 12:50 p.m. In Rosenthal Choir Room

Please put these dates in your calendars!

*Note: The schedule is subject to change.

For more information, contact Dr. Earnest Lamb, Chair Performing and Fine Arts at (910) 672-1571 or

Dr. Sheryl Linch-Parker, Music Coordinator at (910) 672-1528.  

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