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How to find us

Most of our theatre performances take place in Butler Theater, which can be accessed on the first floor of the G.L. Butler Building at the heart of campus.

Parking is available in the lot adjacent to the Butler Building and the Chestnutt Library at the junction of W.T. Brown Drive and Administration Drive.

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Purchase Tickets Online

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You can purchase individual show tickets ONLINE at Etix.

Individual show ticket prices:


$10 for adults
$8 Staff, faculty and senior citizens
$3 for children (0-12)
$2 for FSU students with a valid ID ONLY until curtain time.  After curtain full adult price will apply.

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Ticket & Patron Info

FSU Theatre Company Ticket & Patron Information

Showtimes are indicated on the season listing. The student ticket price is in effect ONLY until curtain time. After curtain time, the full adult ticket price applies. Reservations are strongly recommended as seating is limited and FSU shows tend to sell out fast!

Contact Information
  • The FSU Ticket Office and Manager, Ms. Antoinette Fairley, can be reached at 910-672-1724.
  • For information, call (910) 672-2574 or email
FSU Theatre Company Ticket Policy
  • If you have a complimentary ticket, it must be picked up by 7:15 p.m. If it is not picked up by curtain time, it is forfeited and you will be charged the full adult price.
  • Student prices apply ONLY to the student with the ID. Student tickets will be sold one per ID card. Students may only pick up their own tickets. Extra tickets will be charged at the full adult price.
  • Please Note: If you arrive after the show has started you may not be seated until an appropriate break in the play (for example at scene change or intermission.)
  • If you use a cell phone, flash camera or video camera during the show an usher will ask that you leave.
  • Theatre Etiquette and Guidelines for Audiences indicate NO cell phones, flash photos, digital devices or videotaping please!
  • Children are welcome at FSU Theatre productions; however, disruptive children may be escorted from the performance.
Be a Good Audience Member!

Credit given to EbzB Productions for the following Guidelines.

Unlike television and movies, theatre thrives on the participation of the audience. Audience reactions and responses can be heard by performers and have a direct effect on the quality of the entire performance. The following are guidelines to help new theatergoers understand both the importance and responsibilities of being a good audience member. Appropriate audience behavior ensures a good experience for everyone.

  • Be Orderly and Prompt - Safety is the primary concern. Please respect other audience members and the theatre building by entering and exiting in an orderly fashion. Please, no running, pushing, or horseplay. It is best to arrive fifteen minutes early, as latecomers can disrupt the performers and the audience-or may not be seated until later! Please visit rest rooms before or after the performance, or during intermission.
  • Read - A playbill is provided to inform you about the play and the actors you are about to see. Reading it before the lights dim will provide you with a deeper understanding of what you see and hear on stage.
  • Listen and Observe - There is so much to hear (dialogue, music, sound effects, inflection, etc.) and so much to see (costumes, props, set design, lighting effects and theatre architecture). Unlike video, you cannot rewind if you miss something. When the lights dim for the show to begin, it is the audience's cue to stop talking and begin listening.
  • Unplug - Please turn off all electronics or anything that beeps: cell phones, cameras, watches, etc. If you are with someone who has a hearing aid that emits a high pitch, please politely alert them to silence it.  Inappropriate noises are a distraction for both the actors and the audience. Even whispering to your neighbor is considered an inappropriate distraction.
  • Please, 'Don't Feed The Audience' - Food, drink, and gum are not allowed inside the theatre. Katherine Hepburn, great stage and screen actress, once stopped a Broadway performance when she heard an audience member crinkling a candy wrapper!  Eating and drinking, while permitted in movie theatres, is extremely distracting to live performers.
  • Laugh Out Loud - Positive audience sounds are encouraged.  You may freely and honestly respond to the performance with by laughing, applauding, crying, and expressing any other forms of appreciation and emotion. And, by all means, please do participate if asked by the actors to contribute a verbal response.
  • Think - Think about your theatre experience during and after the performance.  Are there lessons to be learned?  How does the material apply to your life? Would you make the same decisions as the characters in the circumstances given? Did the performance inspire you?  Are you happy, angry, bored, or encouraged by what you saw?  Think it through and talk about it with others after the show.

Thank you and enjoy the performance!

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