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Graduate Student Opt-In Process

1) Contact the bookstore with your Banner ID# to verify if your books are available on the rental program.

2) If your books are available on rental, contact Ms. Cynthia Jones via email at  Make sure you include your full name and banner ID number in your request to be added to the rental program.

Book Rental Program

shelvesIn order to make textbooks more affordable to our students, Fayetteville State University reinstated a Textbook Rental Program beginning with the fall semester 2008. This program includes an across the board charge to all underclassmen and allows for a four semester textbook adoption policy for faculty members. Graduate students have the ability to opt-in to the rental program 




Textbook Rental Rates

Classication Credit Hours Cost
Full-time Students 12 hours and above $200.00 per semester
Part-time Students less than 12 hours $105.25 per semester
All Students Summer I & II $53.00 per course
To pick up your textbooks, you will need the following:
  • Banner ID
  • Valid Bronco ID Card
Online Students

For online students, textbooks can be ordered by phone by contacting Betty Lowman at (910)672-1278.  Please have the following information ready for ordering:

  • Banner ID
  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Credit Card to cover any purchase books as well as the shipping and handling charges.

The Textbook Rental Program includes hardback and paperback textbooks that are required for courses. Paperback textbooks must have a new retail value of $25.00, or above. The Program also excludes any course materials with a retail price of less than $25.00, course packs, or any course materials with a one-time use, ancillary study guides, and lab books.

Exception for Graduate Students: The Textbook Rental Program allows graduate students the option to participate in the Rental Program or to Purchase books. This option must be exercised at the time that the graduate student registers each semester and cannot be changed during that semester.

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