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BroncoConnect for Faculty - Class Rosters

Class rosters for the current term are available in BroncoConnect.  BroncoConnect rosters connect you to information about your students that can help you understand and communicate with them better. 

To access your rosters, click on the Students tab in BroncoConnect.  Students are organized by Term and Connection.  Select Term = Current Term and Connection = whichever class you wish to view.  The roster will appear below. 

Click on a student to see his/her Student Folder.  The Student Folder has several tabs:

  • Overview includes level, school/college, department, major, hours earned, GPA, etc.
  • Info repeats some of this information but adds more, such as demographics and cohorts.
  • Courses displays the rest of the student's current class schedule.
  • Tracking shows flags, kudos, to-do's, and referrals raised by you and/or other instructors and advisors (depending on permissions).
  • Network provides information about the student's Success Network: instructors, advisors, and other student success personnel connected with the student.

Access to some of this information may depend on your connection with the student.  In general, instructors see only tracking items related to their courses.  Advisors have access to more information. 

Not only can you access this information for individual students, you can also filter your students to identify those with common characteristics.  The Cohort drop-down box allows you to filter by admit type, major, and earned hours, among other information.  The Additional Filters button allows you to filter by more features.  Both Cohorts and Additional Filters provide powerful ways of identifying groups of students you may wish to follow up with.

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