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BroncoConnect for Faculty - Tracking Items and Progress Surveys

BroncoConnect provides instructors and advisors a way to provide feedback on their students through Tracking Items.  A tracking item is a notification created about a student's academic progress.  There are four kinds of tracking item in BroncoConnect:

  • Flag indicates an area of concern.  Two of the flags used in progress surveys are "Attendance Concern" and "Performance Concern."
  • Kudos is a recognition of a student's noteworthy achievement. "Keep up the good work!" is an example of a kudos.
  • To-Do is a task the student needs to complete.  "Monthly Advising Visits" and "Take the CLA+" are two examples.
  • Referral is a specific recommendation to visit a service, such as the Math Center, the Career Services Center, or Financial Aid.  A referral is sent not only to the student but also to the service indicated.  The referral service will know that students have been referred and may follow up to reach out to the student.

Instructors and advisors can create tracking items from the Students tab in BroncoConnect. Select the student or students for whom you want to create a tracking item, then select the appropriate item from the icons above the student list.  Select the item type.  Enter a Course Context if the tracking item is for a specific course, then enter any comments and click Submit.

E-mail notifications of the tracking item will be sent to the student, the advisor, and any other student success professionals with whom the student is connected (e.g., coaches for student-athletes).

Once a student responds to the tracking item by communicating with the instructor, advisor, or other student success professional, a tracking item can be cleared or resolved to indicate that the student has taken the action recommended by the tracking item.  

To clear a tracking item, find the item in BroncoConnect by going to the Students tab and clicking on the Tracking tab. This will display all tracking items raised on your students.  Because many students have multiple tracking items, the Tracking list can get quite long. Filter it by selecting the appropriate Connection, or search for a student using the Student box.

Once you have found the tracking item you seek, select it and click Resolve. Enter any comments explaining why you are resolving the item, then click Submit.

Progress Surveys

A convenient way to create tracking items for students in your courses is through Progress Surveys. A Progress Survey is a roster of students with a set of tracking items attached--flags, kudos.  

Completing a progress survey is easy.  Instructors can simply check the appropriate flag/kudos--or leave a student unchecked if neither apply--and click Submit.  Instructors have the option of adding comments. FSU will send three progress surveys each semester :

  • Early Alert (Week 4-6): Identifies students at-risk before midterm. Will largely replace interim grades before midterm.
  • Midterm (Week 9-10): Provides an opportunity for instructors to add comments to midterm grades. Replaces the Midterm DF survey sent each semester.
  • Second Eight-Week (Week 12): Only for instructors teaching second eight-week classes.

Unlike interim grades, flags and kudos are immediately sent to students, advisors, and other student success professionals, depending on security permissions. This makes them much more powerful tools for improving student success. 

For a two-minute video on completing a progress survey, click here.

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