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BroncoConnect FAQ's


This page will grow as instructors, advisors, and students submit questions.  In the meantime, submit your questions to

Q01: How do I access BroncoConnect?

A01: There are several ways to access BroncoConnect:

  • Canvas: Log in to Canvas. Click on Account, then Profile, then BroncoConnect.
    • You can also click on any Canvas course, then look on the course navigation bar for BroncoConnect.
  • MyBronco Portal: Log in to the myBronco portal. Under Launchpad, click on BroncoConnect.

Q02: I clicked on the link for BroncoConnect, but I don't see anything.  How do I get BroncoConnect to load?

A02: You probably need to adjust your browser settings to permit cookies.  BroncoConnect requires that you accept cookies. Please enable cookies or switch to a browser that supports cookies. If you have cookies enabled but continue to see this page, your browser security settings may prevent BroncoConnect from setting cookies.  Allow Cookies settings to get to the BroncoConnect interface. 

  • Internet Explorer
    • Click on icon depicting a gear in the top right corner (Tools)
    • Click on Internet Options
    • Click on Privacy
    • Drag the slider down to the bottom (to Accept All Cookies)
    • Apply  or OK
  • Chrome Versions 23 and Newer
    • Click the icon depicting three horizontal lines in the top right corner
    • Click Settings
    • Click Show Advanced the bottom of the page
    • In the section titled "Privacy" click the button Content settings...

Q03: I clicked on the link for BroncoConnect in Canvas, but I got an error message.  How do I handle the error?

A03: You probably need to clear your browser cache.  How you do that depends on your browser:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Click on gear icon in the top right corner (Tools)
    • Click on Internet Options
    • Click on Browsing History
    • Click on Delete.
    • Select "Temporary Internet files and website files" and "Cookies and website data". Click Delete.
  • Chrome
    • Click on Customize icon at the top right.
    • Click on Settings.
    • Click on Advanced Settings.
    • Click on Privacy Settings.
    • Click on Clear browsing data.
    • Select "Cookies and other site and plugin data" and "Cached images and files".  Click "Clear browsing data".
  • Firefox
    • Click on the Firefox button at the top left of browser.
    • Click on Options.
    • Click on Advanced.
    • Click on Network.
    • Click "Clear Now".

Q04. I'm an instructor, and I could not respond to an Early Alert Survey.  How can I raise kudos and flags?

A04. You can raise flags and kudos outside a progress survey by going directly to your class roster in BroncoConnect.  Log in to BroncoConnect via Canvas and then 

  • Select Students, then My Students
  • Select Term = the current term and Connection = whatever course you want to report
  • Select students who need a particular kudos or flag.
  • Select Flag.
  • Select the flag you want to raise for these students.
  • Select the section as Course Context.
  • Enter a due date and comments if desired. NOTE: If you are selecting multiple students, the same comments will go to all students, so make the comments generic enough to apply to all students.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat for each flag/kudos you want to raise.
  • Repeat for each of your courses.


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