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BroncoConnect for Students

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BroncoConnect for Students

BroncoConnect is a system that can contribute significantly to student success. Through BroncoConnect, students can find out what resources are available to them, from instructors to advisors to academic support.

  • Instructors can send feedback about how you are doing in your courses: kudos for good performance, flags for performance or attendance concerns.  If academic support is available, instructors may create a referral to an academic support program.
  • Advisors see the kudos, flags, and referrals instructors generate. They may also create to-do's for you.  Whether it's visiting Financial Aid to check up on award status or Career Services to explore internships, to-do's help make sure students stay on the path to graduation.  Finally,
  • Student success professionals such as academic support coordinators and financial aid officials get referrals from instructors and advisors.  They will follow up to assist students. Students can also contact various student services directly through BroncoConnect.  They may be able to e-mail or even make appointments directly through BroncoConnect.

Instructors, advisors, and other student success professionals, communicating through BroncoConnect, form a student success network dedicated to the success of every FSU student.

To access BroncoConnect, you can:

  1. Log in to Canvas. Click on Account, then Settings. Click on the BroncoConnect link., OR
  2. Log in to the myBronco portal. Under Launchpad, click on BroncoConnect.


The resources linked below can help you find out more about BroncoConnect and how to use it.


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