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Frequently Asked Questions – Registration, Bill Payment, and Financial Aid Refunds

How are my tuition and fees determined?
When you register for your classes, tuition and fees are automatically charged to your account based on hours of enrollment.  You are financially responsible for the courses in which you are officially registered at the end of late registration.  If you do not want to be charged for courses you do not intend to complete, you should drop them before the end of late registration.  These charges are available to you under "Account Summary" in Banner.  You are responsible for keeping up with your account status by reviewing Banner.

Are online classes and classes at Fort Bragg/ Seymour Johnson charged differently?
Yes, tuition and fees for these courses are different than main campus.  For students enrolled in classes on main campus and on-line classes or Fort Bragg classes, charges will be assessed for both main campus and online/ Fort Bragg/ Seymour Johnson classes.

What is a Tuition Surcharge?
Please check the following website:

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from classes?
You may drop classes only during the registration period (including late registration).  After late registration ends, you may withdraw from individual classes, but they remain part of your official enrollment and you earn a grade of W (withdrawal) for the class.  You may also withdraw from all of your classes and receive a WU (withdrawal from the university). 

How do I know the deadlines for dropping and withdrawing?
The schedule is posted on the Registrar’s Office webpage.  You are expected to be aware of deadlines and adhere to them.

Does withdrawing from classes affect my GPA?
Grades of W and WU do not affect your GPA.  Please bear in mind the following warnings:

  • When you withdraw from a class, you are wasting your money and time.  You receive no refund for withdrawing from individual classes and you slow your progress toward degree completion.
  • If you withdraw from or fail more than one-third of your classes, you will no longer be eligible for financial aid.

Why do I not get a refund for withdrawing from individual classes?
A significant set of costs (faculty salaries, facilities, supplies, etc.) are associated with offering a class.   Your tuition and fees help to cover these costs.  When you register for a class, you are accepting the responsibility to help pay the costs associated with that class.  After registration is over, you may withdraw during the specified period, but you are still responsible for the costs since it is too late to enroll another student who can help bear the costs of the course.  If you register for a class, you should strive to avoid withdrawing from it.  (Consider this analogy:  If you make an appointment with a physician, but do not show up for the appointment and do not cancel prior to the appointment, you will be charged for the appointment since you have taken a spot that could have been filled by someone else.)

What changes have been made in the disbursement of financial aid refunds?
In recent years, financial aid refunds were disbursed to eligible students on the first day of class.  Beginning in spring 2008, financial aid refunds will be disbursed after the close of late registration. 

Why is FSU changing the dates of financial aid refund disbursement from the first day of class?
The change in disbursement date is designed to ensure that a student’s financial aid is calculated accurately based on his/her actual enrollment and that financial aid refunds are disbursed only to students who are actually attending classes.   A student’s actual enrollment and attendance cannot be confirmed until after the close of late registration.  When financial aid refunds are disbursed prior to the close of registration, moreover, student changes in enrollment may adversely affect the student’s financial aid eligibility and overall balance.

Will my receipt of a financial aid refund be affected if I do not attend class during the first week?
If you do not attend class during the first week of classes, faculty members will identify you as a "no-show."  Financial aid refunds will be canceled for "no-shows."

How will students purchase books at the beginning of the semester if financial aid refunds are not made available on the first day of class?
Students may go to the book store and rent their required textbooks. Also students who are due a financial aid refund may request a book voucher.

Who is eligible for a book voucher?
Students who are scheduled to receive a financial aid refund are eligible for a book voucher.  The amount of the book voucher cannot exceed the amount of the anticipated financial aid refund.

How do I request a book voucher?
An email invitation will sent to all students eligible for a book voucher. Students may reply by email to request book voucher.  >> More information

Will the book voucher be placed on my Bronco One-Card?
Yes, funds are posted to Bronco ID cards.

How will I know if I have been approved for a book voucher?
An email will be send to students Bronco email once a book vouchers has been approved or disapprove.

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