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Career Services Center

About Us

About Us

The Office of Career Services at Fayetteville State University is an advocate and committed to educating our diverse student and alumni population with group and individualized career development programs and services using the latest research and technology to support their preparation for graduate/professional school and the world of work.

The Office of Career Services is committed to assisting our students and alumni by our commitment to collaborative partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations and university partners to provide information, resources, services and programs that enhance the matriculation and growth of our students and alumni.

Our covenant is to be strong advocates in assisting our students and alumni to become talented professionals and exemplary contributors to our large society. For frequently asked questions of Career Services click here.


The mission of the Fayetteville State University Office of Career Services is to guide students and alumni in achieving career satisfaction. We endeavor to meet our mission by assisting our students and alumni to make optimal use of their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Services Offered

  • Career Decision Making
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • On-Campus Recruitment
  • Graduate School Advisement






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