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Job Location & Development (JLD) Program

The Office of Career Services is grateful that you are interested in hiring one of our Fayetteville State University students.  The Job Location and Development (JLD) Program is available to assist you with meeting your employment needs.

What is the Job Location and Development (JLD) Program?

The Job Location and Development (JLD) Program is a federally funded program designed to assist students with part time employment and is administered by the Office of Career Services at Fayetteville State University. The goal is to provide students with a source to secure off- campus employment regardless of their financial aid eligibility. The institution is allowed to use part of the funds from the Federal Work Study (FWS) program to fund the JLD program. The JLD program is centered on creating real-world work experiences for students to increase self-knowledge and develop marketable skills. This program will provide a solid foundation for securing career options for students entering the world of work. The JLD Coordinator develops and maintains a listing of part time and temporary position submitted by local businesses.

Procedures for Employers

The JLD program will assist employers to meet workforce needs, connect with future graduates, and strengthen the overall community. Employers may list a position with the Office of Career Services by:

Submitting all job announcements to include required duties, hours, pay range, and job location to Devyn Sturdavant, Job Location & Development Coordinator.

The Office of Career Services will refer all students that are found to be eligible for your advertised position. Employers will interview and select candidates that meet all qualifications. Student employees will be paid the standard rate for the position or minimum wage, based on the type of work, skill level, and experience required.

Employers interested in posting jobs with this office may do so by completing the following forms:

All positions will be posted for 30 days unless other wise specified. Employers must inform the Office of Career Services if the position needs to be taken off the listing before this time period or needs to be extended.

To comply with federal funding requirements, an employer who hires our students must provide this office with an estimate of the projected earnings and number of hours the students will work.

Once the position has been filled, the employer will contact the JLD coordinator that the student is being hired.

JLD Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Employers

1. How does my company benefit?

First, your participation in the JLD program can help you meet your work force needs.  We can screen applicants and refer only those students who meet your basic qualifications in terms of hours, education and/or experience. Second, this program will give you a connection to future graduates who could meet your full-time employment needs that you may have.  And finally, it provides an opportunity for business and education to work together to strengthen our community and reach out to the many young people who reside here during the school year.

2.  Does the JLD have any limitations?

Yes. Under the JLD program, the jobs located and developed must be suitable to the scheduling and other needs of the student and must complement and reinforce the educational program employment goals of the student.
3.  Who is eligible to hire these students?

Any profit or nonprofit employer is eligible to participate in this program.
4.  Who pays the wages of the students who are hired?

The employer is responsible for paying all student wages and related payroll cost. The purpose of the JLD program is not to supplement student wages, but rather to locate and develop local job opportunities.

5.  What additional information must an employer provide  if  a student is employed through the JLD program ?

The employer must report to the institution the number of students who are hired and the total earnings earned by each student. This is information that FSU is required to report related to the expenditure of Federal Work-Study funds.

6.  Who will interview and hire these students?

The Office of Career Services acts as a clearinghouse or referral service.  It puts students in touch with local employers who need part-time workers. Therefore, all interviewing and hiring are done by employers in accordance with their own needs and hiring practices. Throughout the process, you will treat the student just as you would any other employee.

7.  Will the jobs located and developed under the JLD program result in the displacement of employed workers?

No. The jobs located and developed under the JLD program must not displace employees or impair existing services contracts.

8.  How does my company post a job?

You may submit job information directly to the JLD Coordinator, Devyn Sturdavant at or fax 910-672-1684.


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