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Revised GRE Policy
Beginning July 1, test-takers will be able to retake the GRE without waiting for 30 days, as they currently must do. ETS, the test-maker behind the GRE, recently announced that it is revising its retesting policy to allow students to retest 21 days after their last GRE test date, and up to five times in a rolling year. This new option will give students increased flexibility to test closer to their application deadlines, as necessary. Read more.

Graduate & Professional School Planning

Graduate programs involve specialized knowledge and concentrated study in one area of interest, typically building specialized skills to practice a profession or do research. About one in four go to graduate school within a year of graduation, and only about one in five liberal arts graduates nationally do the same.

Graduate or professional school can be a rewarding and exciting experience if it is the right choice for you. Deciding whether to attend graduate or professional school and choosing a degree program are decisions that require careful consideration. Once you've decided to pursue further study, closely follow the application guidelines and timelines recommended on our web site.

Making the Decision

Because graduate study is focused on a specific field and requires substantial time and monetary commitment, we encourage you to make your graduate or professional school decision carefully. If you are uncertain about your chosen field of study, it might be useful to assess the following questions before making a graduate school decision:

  • What are your career goals?
  • Where do you want to be in five to 10 years? Is a particular graduate degree necessary to get there?
  • Is graduate study a common requirement in your chosen field? Talk to people in the fields you are interested in. How did they get there? Is graduate school the only or best route to the career you want?
  • Have you considered other options? Compare your options. These include going directly to graduate school, working for a year or more, traveling or exploring for a year or more, or working in lieu of graduate school.
  • Have you gained any hands-on experience in your chosen field? Internships, summer jobs or mentoring within your field will test your interests and strengthen your application. Some graduate schools prefer applicants who have a year or more of applied experience.
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