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Preparation + Opportunity= SUCCESS

Welcome to your Junior year! A short one year away from senior year and then we release you to the world of work as a DEGREE HOLDING Bronco! In addition to that degree, our goal in Career Services is to support you as you figure out (and pursue) a career path that is true to your interest, skills, and abilities. This year we want you to begin identifying places you would like to work or graduate schools you would like to attend. Begin making a to-do list of things you must do, experiences you must gain, skills you must develop, and professionals you must network with to get there.

If your goal is employment: a strong academic record, meaningful involvement, practical experiences like internships, and mastering job searching techniques will help make you competitive in a less than ideal job market. If your goal is graduate school, a track record of academic excellence, a clear commitment to your field of study, involvement, and success on graduate admission exams like the GRE is necessary.

Whatever your professional or academic goal is for post-graduation, we've got a year to get you to where you need to be! Stop by the Office of Career Services and let us help you effectively prepare for when you meet opportunity. SUCCESS!

Career Counselor

Tools to Success 


Goals for the Year
  1. Start considering options for after graduation: Career and/or graduate/professional school
  2. Research career options and decide which ones are most appealing
  3. Participate in mock interviews and polish your interviewing skills
  4. Continue building practical experience through employment, volunteer work, internships and co-ops
  5. Begin networking- make contacts and keep a journal of employment possibilities and contacts

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