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Mr. Mose Harris IV

Hello, I am Mose Harris IV out of the Office of Career Services and I will be your career counselor throughout your time here at Fayetteville State University. Whether you are an underclassman still pondering your intended major or a seasoned upperclassman ready to take on the world, I want to do my best to assist you with whatever needs you may have when it comes to your future career. It is my duty to help you understand how important it is for you to begin molding yourself now into the future professional you desire to be. I want you to value a rewarding internship as well as positive on-the-job experiences so that when it is time for you to apply for your career position, there will be very few roadblocks standing between you and a successful career.

Our office is your one stop shop for all things career related. We offer resume critiques, mock interviews, professional development programs, and even free attire for networking events to name a few. Understand that achieving a good GPA is only part of the progression. The amount of focus that is put into achieving those good grades should also be catered towards making sure you are developing into that employee an employer cannot function without. I am your advocate. Schedule your appointment today.

Mr. Mose Harris IV
Career Counselor

Tools to Success




Goals for the Year
  1. Confirm your choice of an academic major
  2. Investigate internships, co-ops, part-time work, summer jobs, and volunteer programs to gain valuable experience
  3. Create or update your resume and have it critiqued by the Office of Career Services
  4. Learn about career options in the various majors by talking with professionals in those areas
  5. Attend ALL activities sponsored by the Office of Career Services

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