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Thank you so much, Ms. Taylor! I watched the webinar and it was very informative!  I spent all afternoon creating a google+ and twitter account!
Sarah (Management)

Thank you for the webinar regarding "Email Etiquette". I found myself making the same errors used as examples in your discussion. It was a very informational lesson and I again hope that I will soon be in another one of your seminars.
Branden (Mass Communications) 2013

I just want to take this time to say thank you.  I truly appreciate the time, effort and sincerity you devoted in meeting with me, helping to develop my resume, and ensuring I was confident at the Career Fair.  I have been offered the position with The Kroger Company as a Co-Manager and begin training January 21, 2013. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and your support. It has been both a pleasure and an honor. Thank you again.
Eilene (Management) 2012

At the beginning of the summer you helped me with my resume and cover letter so I could apply for an internship at the DA's office. I want to thank you so much, because I got the internship and that wouldn't have been possible without you.
Aleshia, Criminal Justice (2012) 

In February 2009, I was laid off from the organization I worked at for 10 years. This was a very traumatic time in my life and for my family. My husband also lost his job within 2 months of me losing mine. Needless to say, it was a very hard time in all of our lives. After months and months of applying for jobs with no success, I decided to go back to school to complete my bachelor's degree. This was a huge decision for our family because of our financial situation but we decided to take the chance and I started FSU in July 2010.  
As I progressed in my degree, I decided to be proactive about finding work. In November 2011, I started working with the Career Center. I met with Ms. Taylor on 3 different occasions to review and revise my resume. She also spoke with me about methods of finding work and tips on how to properly prepare for an interview. She was truly a blessing to me and I am so so so thankful for her. Just to give you an example, when I first met with her my resume was 3 pages long. She looked at me and said "girl we've got to get this thing down to 1 page". We both laughed and immediately went to work making it happen. After 3 sessions of revising, we finally got it to one page and man did it look awesome! Another thing that she discussed with me was ways to make myself marketable in these hard economic times. One consideration was relocating. With this in mind, I went home and discussed this option with my family. 
In early Jan. 2012, my husband and I decided we would take Ms. Taylor's advice and I started applying for jobs in other states. Well, the most amazing opportunity became available to me.This February, I applied for a job in Tucson, Arizona as a Lean Manufacturing Consultant for Caterpillar Inc (along with numerous other jobs in various locations). Caterpillar Inc. called me in March and scheduled an interview. I was just so excited and so thankful. Things were really starting to look up for me and my family. At Caterpillar's expense, they flew me out to Arizona for an interview. One of the first things noted in the interview was how impressed they were with my resume. When those words came out their mouths, I was just so thankful for all the time and energy Ms. Taylor had spent with me tweaking my resume. I was convinced at that moment that it was all worth it.
In the end, I was offered the job. I am a graduating May 5th and my first day of work is May 7th. I am so thankful for everyone at FSU. This has been an amazing experience. I truly encourage more and more students to utilize the resources available to them. It does make a difference. Being proactive about work can really pay off. If it worked for me, it can work for others as well.
Kecia, Business Administration (2012)

Just wanted to thank you again for the information for the career fair and resume.  A couple of resource managers told me "great resume" and seemed impressed with my 30 second introduction.  I thought you would like to know that your efforts are appreciated.
Javeria, Biology-Secondary Ed. (2012)

I interviewed with Enterprise through Career Services on Dec. 7. I am sending this to thank you for all of your help and guidance throughout this process. I had my third and final interview...and I was offered the position.
Jonathan B., English (2011)

Hey Mrs. Taylor.  I am just emailing you to update you on my career with Enterprise. I will be wrapping up my first month with Enterprise on Tuesday and I will be wrapping it up as the #1 employee in our region in additional revenue.  I love it at Enterprise and I am willing to help others see the benefits of joining our team.
Jonathan B., English (2011) 

I would like to thank you so much for helping me with my resume.  Before coming to speak with you in Career Services I received maybe 2 or 3 calls for job interviews within the past year.  After receiving help from your workshops and the one on one time I have begun to receive 2 or 3 calls a week for interviews.  I really appreciate your help.
Tanisha, History (2011)

I want to thank you for all your help. I was admitted into grad. school at A&T; without that letter I don't think I would of gotten accepted. Your help was greatly appreciated! 
Mario, Management Information Systems (2011) 

Hello Mrs. Taylor, ...I actually had a job interview Thursday at 2pm during your second interviewing session. Surprisingly I encountered Behavior Based Interview questions such as "Name a situation in which you encountered an angry customer and how did you fix this" and "Name a situation in which you encountered a disagreement with a coworker and how did you fix this". I used the STAR technique in a confident approach and always used "I resolved this issue by" at the end of my explanation; I was reminded that I did a great job with great responses. I was really shocked that I had just learned about this and I ran into an interview that used this technique. So, I would like to thank you for the time and effort for the presentation as well as my new JOB! Thanks!
Shanita, Criminal Justice (2013)

I wanted to say Thank You, for helping me with my resume, yesterday I got a job...!!
Kaleah, Criminal Justice (2011)

I just want to let you know that you did an outstanding job when you came to visit Mrs. Wynn's SWRK class. I was very sleepy and tired, but there was never a dull moment when you did your presentation. You did an awesome job! You presented yourself and the information very well. (AND YOU KEPT IT REAL!) Just wanted to encourage you and I pray God continue to shower you with love, blessings, and favor.
Deborah Marshall, Social Work

This is Broderick...and I just want to thank you for helping me rebuild my resume and I wanted to tell you that Coca-Cola has offered me a job...and I have accepted the position. Thanks again.
Broderick, Business Administration-Marketing (2011)

I just want to say thanks for always keeping the students informed about all positions available in the local area. I interviewed a couple of weeks ago...and was called today with an offer for the position. Please let students know to continue to apply and do not get dismayed if no response is received right away. I applied around March 23rd and didn't receive a call for an interview until June. Thanks again for all your help during the resume clinic and my personal resume.
Sandra, Sociology (2011)

Hello Ms. Taylor. My name is Alexis...I am a Communications/Marketing major. I have heard many great things about you through the last few years here at FSU. Just wanted to say I look forward to working with you and thank you for being such a great help to all of us seniors here at FSU.
Alexis, Communications/Marketing (2012)

Thank you, so much. My resume looks wonderful.
Barissa, MIS (2012)

Hey Mrs. Taylor! I'm currently the Band Director at Fairmont Middle School. I've been working here since Dec. 12. I was hired three days before my graduation on the 10th. I'm doing good and so are my students. I have a lot of rebuilding to do because they didn't have a band director in about 3 months before I got here. Now they are working really hard for All-County Auditions. I'm pushing them and proving to them that they can do anything if they put their minds to it!
Ryan, Music Education (2011)

You helped me edit my resume several months ago.  I just wanted to let you know that after making the changes you suggested, I was selected for a job overseas...I appreciate the time and effort you put forth to help me.  I hope you know that your efforts as a counselor do not go in vain.  You are truly a blessing to the institution and the community.  Please, never forget that.
Kelvin, Business Administration (2013)

Thank you for all your help, with this new and improved resume. I don't just feel better I feel more confident in showing my resume to others. Thanks.
Richard, Accounting (2011)

I went on two job interviews and was offered the position at both schools. Thank you for your help!
Michelle, Elementary Education Birth-Kindergarten (2010)

Thanks again. You have definitely turned what I have into something that will surely get me a job in the future.
Winston, Business Administration (2011)

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