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Know Your SLOs

  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are knowledge skills and dispositions that students should be able to demonstrate
  • Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are a few major goals that we expect our graduates to reach
  • Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) are goals that are specific to a particular course Both PLOs and CLOs are types of Student Learning Outcomes. Sometimes they may be called PSLOs and CSLOs.

The University College is undertaking a revision of the core curriculum. Therefore, you may hear about University Core Learning Outcomes (a different kind of CLO that still deals with student learning). They include Transitional Skills, Communication Skills, Inquiry Skills, Reasoning Skills (Critical Thinking and Quantitative), Scientific Literacy, Global Literacy, and Ethics and Civic Literacy.

SACS and other accrediting agencies will most often ask for documentation of Program earning Outcomes (PLOs).

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