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College Administration

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Dr. David Barlow

Lyons Science Annex (LSA) 238


Dr. Samuel Adu-Mireku
Associate Dean 

LSA 330 672-1042

Dr. Blanche Radford-Curry
Assistant Dean

LSA 234


Ms. Diana Anthony
Administrative Support Associate

LSA 238


Ms. Patricia Petty
Administrative Secretary

LSA 330



Departmental Administration


Personnel Title Office Phone Room/Building Cell
College of Arts and Sciences David Barlow Dean 1622 238 LSA  
Samuel Adu-Mireku Associate Dean 1042 330 LSA  
Blanche Radford-Curry Assistant Dean 1945 234 LSA  
Patricia Petty Administrative Support Associate 2127 330 LSA  
Diana Anthony Administrative Support Associate 1659 238 LSA  
Biological Sciences Abdelmajid Kassem Chair 1692 124 LSA  
Lieceng Zhu Assistant Chair 1655 417 S&T  
Deborah Keller Administrative Support Associate 1695 124 LSA  
Chemistry and Physics Cevdet Akbay Chair 1943 305-C S&T Building  
Daniel Autrey Assistant Chair 1354 305-B S&T Building  
Brenda Fuller Administrative Support Associate 2441 305 S&T Building  
Communication, Languages, and Cultures Todd Frobish Chair 1206 207 Telecom  
Lenora Hayes Assistant Chair 1806 113 JKSA  
Timothy Buckner Language Lab Manager 2423 114 JKSA  
Karen Andrews Administrative Support Associate 1381 203 Telecom  
Criminal Justice Miriam DeLone Chair 2271 319 LaurettaTaylor  
Joe Brown Assistant Chair 2276   321 Lauretta Taylor  
Lori Guevara Graduate Coordinator 2190 323 Lauretta Taylor  
Sandra Woodard Administrative Support Associate 1478 318 Taylor Gym  
English Trela Anderson Chair 1417/1416 123 Butler  
Ji Young Kim Assistant Chair 1848 134 Butler  
Ji Young Kim Director of Composition 1848 134 Butler  
Vickie Bannon Administrative Support Associate 1416 123 Butler  
Government and History Adegoke Ademiluyi Chair 1137 101 JKSA  
Han Lheem Assistant Chair 2000/910-339-4328 TS 209-E  
Sharon Smith Administrative Support Associate 1573 101A JKSA  
Mathematics and Computer Science Radoslav Nickolov Chair 2053 205-C S&T Building  
Albert Chan Assistant Chair 1517 205-B S&T Building  
Laronte Black Administrative Support Associate 2265 205 S&T Building  
Nursing Afua Arhin Chair 1106 108A Nursing Building  
Judith Mann Assistant Chair 2249 303 Nursing Building  
Jacinta Williams Pre-Nursing Counselor 1925 108B Nursing Building  
Kendall Smith Nursing Lab Manager 2894/2635 323/330Nursing Bld.  
Sandra Smith Administrative Support Associate 1103 310 Nursing Building  
Teresita Bravo Administrative Support Associate 2893 302 Nursing Building  
Jim Brisson Academic Advisor 2182 327 Nursing Building  
Performing and Fine Arts Earnest Lamb Chair 2143 217 Rosenthal  
Don Parker Assistant Chair 1253 233 Rosenthal  
Doreatha McCoy Administrative Support Associate 1571 219 Rosenthal  
Psychology Timothy Moore Chair 1922 203 Nursing Building  
Daniel Montoya Assistant Chair 1560 208 Nursing Building  
Laura Coyle Graduate Coordinator (Counseling) 2023 220 Nursing Building  
Yoshito Kawabata Graduate Coordinator (Experimental) 2434 222 Nursing Building  
Xenia Lopez Administrative Support Associate 1413 204 Nursing Building  
Social Work Terri Moore-Brown Chair 1853 228 LaurettaTaylor  
Gregory Perkins Assistant Chair 1021 215 Lauretta Taylor  
Sharon Williams BSW Program Director 2673 225A LaurettaTaylor  
Mary Mclean MSW Administrative Support Associate 1210 225B Lauretta Taylor  
Sharice Zachary BSW Program Administrative Support Associate   223 Lauretta Taylor  
K. Berrak Walters Army-FSU MSW Program Coordinator 1250 216 LaurettaTaylor  
Sociology Nicole Lucas Chair 2973   110 Taylor Science  
Stacye Blount Assistant Chair 1531 212 Williams Building  
Akbar Aghajanian Graduate Coordinator 2927 210-C Taylor Science  
Lynndora Thompson Administrative Support Associate 1122 110 Taylor Science  


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