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Cortney Slaughter, "Chancellor for a Day," September 23, 2009.

Private consultation with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Cortney Slaughter Chosen to be First Chancellor for a Day for 2009-2010

Chancellor for a dayFayetteville State University’s (FSU) Chancellor for a Day Program for the 2009-2010 year was launched this year on September 23, 2009, with Cortney Benjamin Slaughter, as Chancellor for a Day.  He is a junior majoring in secondary education with a concentration in English and a minor in Public Administration.  An active participant in campus life, Cortney appeared in the play "Anansi and His Friends," is treasurer of the History Club, a Bronco Man, chairman of the Cultural Programming Committee Board, SGA treasurer of the Freshman Class of 2011, president of Williams Hall, vice president of the Model United Nations, and the FSU student assistant sports director and writer.  Among many other services, he is an orientation leader, supplemental instructor, residential assistant, and a P.A.L. (Peer Assistant Leader).

Awards that Cortney has received are the Second Year Stars Award Certificate, Freshman Excellence Award, Freshman Positive Self Esteem Award, Freshman Excellent Leadership Award, Dean’s List Spring 2008, membership in Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society, and Chancellor’s Honor Roll Spring 2009.  He also received a Residential Life Commendation Award, Bronco Pride Award, a University Studies P.A.L. Award, the 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and the Academic Award for Cross Country for 2007 and 2008.

Cortney Slaughter was born and raised in Maryland.  He aspires to graduate from FSU with highest honors, earn a Master’s in Public Administration, and become a principal of a middle or high school.

Cortney speaks at the Cabinet Meeting The Chancellor’s Cabinet members at the Honors List Reception Lunch in the Cafeteria
Cortney speaks at the
Cabinet Meeting
The Chancellor’s Cabinet
members at the Honors
List Reception
Lunch in the Cafeteria

Greeting faculty, staff, and other administrators.My day being "Chancellor For A Day" was a once in a lifetime experience. It was an adventure at FSU from an administrative perspective, the Chancellor’s perspective, rather than the everyday student life I have grown accustomed to. Still, words cannot express how elated I felt to have been chosen for such a prestigious title. I honestly felt like what I would imagine Kobe Bryant would have felt in a press conference after winning the 2008-2009 NBA Championship Title. I attended 3 meetings as the Chancellor of the Day and had the opportunity to listen in and give my opinions in regards to the bright future of FSU. Likewise, the importance of establishing a communicational relationship with as many people as possible, especially for the purposes of being aware of what’s going on in various departments on campus at all times, as well as being aware of the perception of others, was all revealed to me like never before.

As Chancellor, I plan to change... Greeting faculty, staff, and other administrators Heading to the cafeteria
As Chancellor, I plan to
Greeting faculty, staff,
and other administrators
Heading to the Cafeteria.

The funniest moment of being "Chancellor For A Day", was when Dr. James Anderson had suggested that I speak to my peers and friends after we had placed our lunch trays on the table in the cafeteria (also known as the café) since I was indeed the Chancellor For A Day. Several moments later, after I followed out that bright idea and came back to sit and eat with Dr. James Anderson, I found it hilarious for him to tell me "Hey, man…you were taking pictures and shaking hands for about 30 minutes.  

Congratulating Honor Students Speaking at the Chancellor’s Honors List Reception  Courtney Cortney and Chancellor Anderson
Congratulating Honor Students Speaking at the Chancellor’s Honors
List Reception
I am here and I
am eager to serve
Cortney and Chancellor Anderson

CortneyThe most exciting part of my day was being able to address the Chancellor‘s List scholars at the Award Ceremony. I discussed leadership which equals character and strategy to the bright students and left them with the truth of the matter, which was that they can do anything they put their minds to. After I completed my remarks to the student, Dr. James Anderson went up to the podium and spoke of how the students are a HERO. I was amazed at how Dr. Anderson delivered that whole speech without notes.  As a Chancellor’s List scholar, I too was inspired by his message.  It was such an honor to sit beside Dr. James Anderson on stage in front of the leaders of tomorrow, to deliver my words of wisdom to the students, to receive my Chancellor’s Award Certificate, and to have been selected as Chancellor For A Day all at the same time.

Cortney and Chancellor AndersonAlthough there were many learning experiences I encountered, I had fun throughout the entire day being acknowledged as the "Chancellor For A Day". At the end of the day, I honestly had wished that my duties, responsibilities and notoriety of being Chancellor of the Day could have been extended to tomorrow. Without a doubt in my mind, if I could, I would do it all over again. The smiling faces, the firm handshakes, the flashes from the camera, the shiny suit…all fulfilled the curiosity I had about running this FSU campus as the Chancellor…The Chancellor For A Day that is..

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