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Elijah Davis III, Chancellor for a Day on April 7, 2010

Elijah Davis III plans to attend law school, obtain a Juris Doctorate degree, pass the North Carolina State Bar Exam, and set up a practice in family and juvenile law. He is a junior majoring in criminal justice and has been on the Chancellor’s list every semester.   
It took me some time to get into reality that I was "Chancellor for a Day." I was surprised by the many gifts that I received such as the framed Chancellor for a Day award and the portfolio with chancellor for a day written on it. The best gifts of all were the books: Dr. Anderson’s Transformative Leadership and President Barack Obama’s Dreams of my Father.

Elijah Elijah Chancellor for a Day award Elijah

My day started at 8:30 in the morning with the private meeting between Chancellor Anderson, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Dr. Jon Young, and Chief of Staff Thomas Conway.

I had the privilege of attending the Chancellor’s Cabinet Meeting with all of the Vice Chancellors, which lasted two hours. It is amazing to see them discuss items regarding financial information and things that could help not only faculty and staff, but students also.

Elijah Elijah Elijah Elijah


While going to the Cafeteria for lunch, we stopped by the Staff Senate Silent Auction. I never knew anything about a silent auction until that day. It was interesting to see the items that Chancellor Anderson and others had donated.

Elijah Elijah Elijah
On the way to lunch
in the Cafeteria.

The Health Fair in the Student Center was very informative.

Health Fair sign Elijah Elijah Elijah

I think my blood pressure is normal. "Well I will check it for you anyway," replied the health professional.

Elijah Elijah Elijah Elijah

It was heartwarming talking with student government association members, and taking photos with the Omega Psi Phi fraternity and the AKA’s in the Cafeteria. Some of the students that I had never met wanted to take pictures with me. I felt like a celebrity for a moment.

The next event I found exciting was the Chancellor’s List ceremony. I was totally frightened when it came to introducing the Chancellor, but many people said I did a wonderful job.

Elijah Elijah Elijah Elijah
The "Mane Attraction" 
was awesome.
Honor students
received certificates.

I had a wonderful time at the last event of the evening which involved students making phone calls to alumni about potential donations to the University. They raised a lot of money.

ElijahOverall I loved my experience as "Chancellor for a Day" and would recommend that anybody who is qualified should apply. It has really enhanced my leadership skills. The number one thing that amazed me about Chancellor Anderson is that he takes time to talk with the students to see how they are doing as well as listen to their complaints. And what I learned the most is that the Chancellor knows how to handle the stress that comes with the job.  I am grateful to have experienced a day like this and will always remember it for the rest of my life.

Elijah serves as Off-Campus Senator for the Student Government Association, is Vice-President of Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society, is a Teen Court Judge, and a Mediator for Cumberland County Dispute Resolution Center. He has a Gates Millennium Scholarship and has presented many workshops in the public schools. Elijah is dedicated to his work, self-motivated, and has a never-ending desire to obtain more wisdom and knowledge so he can help others.

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