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Jazmin Henry, Chancellor for a Day February 2, 2011

Jazmin HenryMy greatest accomplishment was being accepted into Fayetteville State University. If it were not for my acceptance into this prestigious institution, I would not have had the same opportunity to achieve so many accomplishments. That is why I truly wanted to be Chancellor for a Day to reflect my gratitude and thanks for being admitted into this university and as a token of appreciation for everyone who never gave up on me during my academic career.

My day began early at 7:45 a.m. where I met the Chancellor in his office and we walked over to the Telecommunication building. We went to the radio station to do the Chancellor’s monthly broadcast program. 

Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry

The Chancellor discussed campus issues as well as the black history month program that took place the day before. I discussed the reason why I wanted to become Chancellor for a Day and my future plans and goals after graduation in May 2011.

Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry

Next, I had the opportunity and delight to meet the administrative staff that worked in the Barber building. It was an honor meeting the individuals that drive the school’s success. I was astonished to find out that many of my sorors worked in the Barber building helping the Chancellor so that was an even better feeling of knowing that the Chancellor had an awesome support system.

Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry

And, oh yes these were some of the perks of being Chancellor for a Day, one of which was the Chancellors’ book on Transformational Leadership.

Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry

One major component of the day was the Chancellor’s Cabinet meeting which is held every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room located in the Barber building. They discussed topics related to the well being of the students here at the university. It was then that I really realized that the Chancellor not only cares about the students at Fayetteville State, but I also understood the things that had to be done in order for marvelous things to happen in each student’s life.

Jazmin HenryWe had to leave the Cabinet meeting early so we could be on time for the Institute of Community Leadership board meeting which was located at the Education Resource Center in downtown Fayetteville. As we traveled to our destination, Chancellor Anderson bestowed Fayetteville knowledge upon me and we talked about the city, subjects related to the university, as well as my life. He gave me caring guidance so I could become a better developed CEO in the future.The Institute of Community Leadership Board is a group of individuals that reach out to young people and inspire them to be leaders by providing workshops related to leadership and having a graduation for them at the conclusion of their program. I can sincerely say that this group of people show compassion and care for their purpose to develop the best leaders possible.

Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry

When we returned to campus, we met with Ms. Emily Dickens to discuss the arrival of the new President of the North Carolina schools, Dr. Thomas Ross.  Having a little time to spare before the Chancellor’s interview with the Fayetteville Observer, we stopped by an entrepreneur seminar that was taking place in the Olivia Chavis room of the Student Center. This seminar was all week and was filled with vital information about how to successfully start and operate abusiness. Since I am indeed a Business Administration major, I found this seminar very intriguing and I was very attentive.  After the seminar, I had a chance to discuss some issues with students.

Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry Jazmin Henry

The Fayetteville Observer’s interview with the Chancellor about his most influential person was next on the agenda. Ms. Ella Baker was a pioneer in the civil rights movement and played a vital role in Chancellor Anderson’s life. Chancellor Anderson spoke so highly of Ms. Baker as he explained her significance in his life from his early years to now. He spoke so eloquently and almost had me in tears. I love my Chancellor!  He displayed courteousness and that he was just like everybody else. I loved it! This was one of the highlights of my day and a spectacular way to end the day with the most powerful, caring, hard working, humble individual on the campus of Fayetteville State University.

Jazmin HenryBut wait, my role did not end there.  The next day I was introduced at the Judith Jameson Chancellor’s Speakers series. Along with my sorors, I presented a gift to Ms. Jameson who is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Being Chancellor for a Day was more than just a day of shadowing the Chancellor and his duties, this was a day that I learned the daily operations of the university as well as what it takes to be a great leader and CEO. I hope that I displayed to the campus and all the administrative staff the type of quality that Fayetteville State University produces and through this experience I will become a phenomenal leader like Chancellor Anderson. Thank you to everyone who played a part of making this experience unforgettable for me as I proceed with my future endeavors. Being Chancellor for a Day was truly priceless.

Chancellor for a DayJazmin Henry is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is a senior majoring in Business Administration. She plans to get a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and then pursue a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Duke University.  Ultimately, she wants to become CEO of her own company. Jazmin is an active member of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Beta Gamma Sigma National Business Honor Society, Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program, and the Society for the Advancement of Management.  She is the Parliamentarian for the Delta Xi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., as well as, the Greek Week Chair for the National Pan Hellenic Council.

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