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L’Asia Brown

L'Asia Brown

Throughout the day L’Asia witnessed various leadership rituals that students rarely see.


L'Asia Brown

L’Asia Brown Chancellor for a Day, October 6, 2010

Discussing Homecoming and other student affairs with Dr. Janice Haynie and the Chancellor. "The Chancellor for a Day program provided me with a wonderful experience that has impacted my views on education, administration, globalization, finance, and most importantly, Fayetteville State University," stated L’Asia B. Brown. She is a senior majoring in Communications, with a minor in Journalism, and is also seeking to obtain a Professional Writing Certificate. She aspires to become a critically acclaimed author, publisher, entrepreneur, and collegiate-level professor. She is the editor of The Voice, our student newspaper, and active in many community agencies. Her educational goals include earning an M.F.A from NYU in Creative Writing and a Ph. D. from Howard University in Intercultural Communication.

L'Asia Brown"Councilman D. J. Haire’s visit with Dr. Anderson put into perspective the relationship the university has with the local community. I realized that FSU is not just an establishment that takes up land, but a fabric of the Fayetteville, Cumberland County, and Southeastern North Carolina region. By forging relationships with local business owners, politicians, alumni, and residents, FSU is creating a community that is encouraged to contribute financially, socially, and politically to ensure the well-being of the university."

L'Asia Brown"During the cabinet meeting I saw the true dynamics of administration. The interaction of such academically and professionally seasoned individuals evokes a higher level appreciation for FSU, in me. Knowing that decisions regarding the well-being of the student are discussed in such great detail, is comforting."

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L'Asia L'Asia L'Asia L'Asia

Students, staff, administrators, and faculty welcomed L’Asia in the cafeteria. She met many people who gave her great ideas for content to include in The Voice.

"The meetings, events, tasks, and general demands of the Chancellor are constant and sometimes overlapping. It takes a great deal of energy, organization, intellectual diversity, motivation, and desire to move forward, to handle the pressures and obstacles that arise. A leader must be efficient, social, analytical, and driven to serve in such an esteemed position."

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Thanks for the wonderful gifts, the books, the shirt, the certificate, the portfolio, etc.

"My Chancellor for a Day experience has opened my eyes and encouraged me to look into a career in service or education. I am truly humbled and grateful for this opportunity. 
The experience, in totality, exceeded my expectations and has even sparked my interest in attending graduate school for a public administration or business degree." 

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