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Yikang Bai - My Impression of Chancellor for a Day

YikangChancellor for a Day is one of the most memorable days for me during my stay in the US. It enriched me personally and professionally. I was so happy and honored to meet Chancellor Anderson and his administrative support staff. They are all very easygoing and laid back. I enjoyed the lunch with Chancellor Anderson, Dr. Miller and Ms. Smith, and I cannot forget the tasty fried chicken that Ms. Smith recommended for the Fried Chicken Wednesday. I learned about the formation and mechanism of the Board of Trustees from Ms. Suzetta Perkins.

YikangFrom my experience of Chancellor for a Day, I know that Chancellor Anderson is a leader of great vision for Fayetteville State University and he has a very supportive team working with him to strive for their common goals. He is working on the establishment of The North Carolina Center for Defense and Homeland Security. Once established, the center will bring benefits to FSU. Chancellor Anderson and his team put students’ academics as the university’s priority. When he met with the Board of Directors of Fayetteville State University Development Corporation, he showed his great concern about the business that may harm the well-being of the FSU community on the Bronco Square. He emphasized that FSU is the place for students to pursue their studies. When he met with prospective bowlers and their parents, he reiterated that academics is the most important thing for FSU students, no matter if they are athlete students or not. Chancellor Anderson’s team collaborates closely with him, providing him with their insight in meeting discussions.

YikangChancellor for a Day also makes me realize that the sound operation and management of a university requires the positive attitude and hard work of every faculty and staff. One unpleasant experience, take calling certain offices without being answered for example, is big enough to influence people’s impression of the university. Every faculty and staff of the FSU family is the image that other people see what Fayetteville State University looks like. It takes every FSU family member’s effort to achieve the goals.

Chancellor for a Day, which is a valuable experience for me, is the highlight of my life on campus.

Yikang Bai

Yikang Yikang Yikang
Yikang Yikang Yikang
Yikang Yikang Yikang
Excerpt from Yikang's application:

I am a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) who teaches Chinese and studies at FSU. The Fulbright program provides me, a Chinese educator, the opportunity to become familiar with the American educational system. The Chancellor for a Day Program will further enable me to have close observation of American higher education administration, to understand American higher education from the perspectives of a student, a teacher, and an administrator, and to learn from one of the best educational systems in the world. When I go back to China, my hands-on experience with FSU's chief executive officer, Chancellor Anderson will allow me to speak first-hand about American higher education, and I will share what I have learned in America with my Chinese colleagues. This will definitely be of benefit to the Chinese educators. In addition, the Chancellor for a Day Program also complies with the objectives of Fulbright FLTA program: enhancing foreign language teaching in the US as well as promoting the educational exchange between America and other countries.

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