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Read about the CHEER program in Successful Models for Effectively Retaining and Graduating Students, published by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Admission to CHEER

CHEER is for first-time freshmen, admitted for the fall of 2015, who are interested in a transitional experience between high school and college.  The program offers classes in English and math, so if you have credit for those already, you may not attend CHEER.  You must be classified as a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes. 

Secure Your Space 

Space is limited.  We will accept students on a first-come, first-served basis until the program is full.  To secure your space in the CHEER Scholars program, return your participant contract to the Office of Admissions.  There are many ways to get a contract.  You can download the contract here, print it off the emails we send to eligible students, get it at First Steps, or use the hard copy you receive in the mail from Admissions.  You must return a signed hard copy of the contract to Admissions (not faxed or emailed).

After Admissions receives your contract, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment via email.    

 Bryant 2012

When you come to CHEER, you will be assigned to a learning community named after one of the founders of FSU:  Harris, Leary, Lomax, Simmons, Grainger, Bryant, Chesnutt, or Carter.

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