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CHEER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What classes will I take in CHEER, and will they count toward my degree? 

You will take the first of the required English composition courses (English 110) and the math course you place into based on your test scores (Math 121 or 123).  These classes are normally taken by freshmen in the fall semester, and they will count for full credit toward your degree. 

How much does CHEER cost? 

CHEER is supported by a grant from the UNC system and is free to students.  Tuition and fees, housing, a meal plan, and books are provided.  You should bring pens/pencils and paper, and you may wish to have pocket money for incidentals. 

What if I have a family reunion, have a summer job, or have planned a vacation during the CHEER program? 

CHEER is a four-week, full-time experience.  During CHEER, you will have classes and activities all day, 6 days a week, and part of Sunday.  If you cannot attend the entire program, you cannot participate.

Can I go home at all during CHEER? 

Students may leave campus on Sundays during the day as long as they are back for evening activities.  Students may not miss any required activities and must spend every night during the program on campus.

Should I attend First Steps if I am a CHEER student? 

Yes!  At First Steps you will take your profile exams, register for classes for fall, and meet other CHEER students and faculty.  CHEER students must attend First Steps before coming to CHEER.  To register, use the link you received in the mail or call the University College office at 910-672-1060.

When does CHEER take place?

Move-in day is Sunday, July 10th, and move-out is Friday, August 5th after the 1:30pm closing ceremony.  Parents are invited and encouraged to attend the closing.

Can I attend CHEER and then enroll at a different university?

The CHEER program is designed and intended for incoming freshmen at FSU, and FSU pays for the program for those students.  If you attend CHEER but do not enroll at FSU in the fall, you will be charged for the cost of tuition, room, and board.

Can I receive mail while I am at CHEER?

Yes.  Mail can be picked up at the FSU post office in the Student Center.  Please be sure to have the words "CHEER Program" on the mail, as well as your name and the FSU address, 1200 Murchison Road, Fayetteville, NC  28301.

If you have other questions, contact Carmen Wade at

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