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CHEER Scholars


"By spending the summer here, CHEER students are getting to know the faculty, their peers, and their way around campus. By getting some credit hours, they are already invested in being here. They feel like Broncos before fall semester begins."
-Dr. Bir




There are many good reasons to accept FSU’s invitation to participate in the CHEER Scholars Program.

  • Get a head start toward graduation.  Earn 8 hours of academic credit by taking your first class in math and English before fall semester begins, the same classes other freshmen will take in fall.
  • Learn the ropes. You will meet other students and faculty and learn your way around campus before other freshmen even arrive.
  • Take advantage of free education.  Tuition, fees, room, meals, and books for the CHEER program are paid by FSU with a grant from the University of North Carolina system. That's 8 credits free! 
  • Get accustomed to college life.  Adjust to the increased academic expectations and personal freedoms of FSU before you begin your first year.
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