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Department of Chemistry and Physics

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We strive to develop abilities and values, to serve our regional, national, and international clienteles, and create a nurturing and learning environment for students, faculty and staff.

About the Department


The overall mission of the Chemistry program of Fayetteville State University is to provide a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education to equip students with the intellectual, experimental, and communication skills necessary for continuing their studies at the graduate level, as well as pursuing careers in industry, primary and secondary education, and government.  >> Read More

We prepare students for...

  • professional chemists
  • further studies in graduate schools
  • professional training in medicine, pharmacy, dentists, optometry
  • chemical engineers
  • science teachers

We offer degree programs of...

  • BS in Chemistry
  • BA in Chemistry

What's new?

  • "3+2" Chemical Engineering/Chemistry Dual Degree Program

And we offer minors in

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Materials Science

Organizational Chart

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina