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Dean's Greeting

Dean LewisWelcome to the College of Education at Fayetteville State University, where we have maintained continued accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1954. In fact, teacher education is the legacy of this great institution, since FSU began its proud history as a teacher's college. The College hosted a continued accreditation legacy visit with NCATE on April 12-14, 2015.

The commitment of the College is to prepare highly qualified teachers and other school personnel through the development, administration, supervision, and evaluation of the programs it offers. The College is home to three departments: Educational Leadership; Elementary Education; and Middle Grades, Secondary, and Specialized Subjects. The College offers licensure only, bachelors, master's, and doctoral degree programs at the initial and advanced levels. All teacher education programs are approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education. Candidates are guided to develop necessary proficiencies as they work with a diverse group of experienced and dedicated faculty members who are experts in their field. Faculty members apply research-driven, differentiated, standards-based, and learner-centered quality instruction to guide our candidates in their bid to become successful professionals.

 In addition to our programs, we offer various services to support candidates as they progress towards program completion. The Plato/Praxis Laboratory provides pre-candidates with the opportunity to participate in the diagnostic test in preparation for the program admission examination. The Curriculum Laboratory is home to curricular resources pertinent to teaching and learning. The Office of Research Initiative (ORI) is another resource provided by the College that serves candidates as we strive to expand research skills of both initial and advanced candidates. Results of research projects conducted in collaboration with ORI are often published by faculty and candidates. Other resources offered by the College include the Office of Teacher Education, the Academic Advisement and Retention Center, and the Five-Star ranked Early Childhood Learning Center. 

The College enjoys a proud heritage of preparing professionals who are sensitive and responsive to the diverse needs of students, parents, and the community. Graduates from our programs are employed throughout the state and nation. Our education alumni demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills, and disposition to be effective P-16 practitioners and are able to teach diverse populations in a variety of educational settings. On April 25, 2014, a White House Press Release noted that "Fayetteville State University... incorporates the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction competencies and standards ... into its curriculum for master's degree students in their College of Education. Of their recent graduates, 87% of new teachers met or exceeded expectations for student learning growth, compared to the 75% state average." The College is successful in and guided by, a strategic goal of effectively serving the children of Southeastern North Carolina and beyond.

I welcome your visit, electronically or in person, to the College of Education. I invite you to explore our programs of study, to participate in our organizations, and to become beneficiaries of our services.

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