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Research and Information:  Gains in Beginning Teacher Effectiveness

The documents provided on this page offer research and information about the gains in beginning teacher effectiveness in the state of North Carolina and the nation, and specifically the findings on program completers' impact in public P-12 classrooms.

Our Future, Our Teachers

This document details the Obama Administration's plan for teacher education reform and improvement. Fayetteville State University's College of Education is noted in the document as "preparing some of the most effective high school teachers in North Carolina".

Gains in Novice Teacher Effectiveness: On-the-job Development or Less Effective Teachers Leaving? This policy brief shows that improvements in newly licensed teachers in the State may be related to less effective teachers leaving, as well as teachers' development on the job.

Technical Report: UNC Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness Report July 2011 The purpose of this Report is to detail the procedures used in the UNC Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness Report. The objective of the study was to determine the effectiveness of UNC-prepared teachers on select P-12 student performance measures in North Carolina.

UNC Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness Report July 2011 This Report, produced in collaboration with the UNC General Administration by the Carolina Institute for Public Policy, is the second analysis of the findings related to the effectiveness of NC public university teacher preparation program completers as measured by average test score gains for public school students.

UNC Teacher Quality Research Campus Video Conference Session Spring 2009 This Power Point reports findings related to the positive impact on p-12 student learning in classrooms taught by NC public university teacher education program completers.

UNC Teacher Quality Research:  Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness

This Report compares the performance of UNC traditionally prepared undergraduates to all other teachers in the state.


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