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Fayetteville State University

1200 Murchison Road
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Carlton J. Barber Building,
Rooms 6B-6D

(910) 672-1092

Seneva Miles, Payroll Supervisor


Welcome to the Fayetteville State University Payroll Department Website

The Payroll Department is responsible for compiling, preparing and maintaining accurate information to be submitted to the Office of the State Controller-Payroll Section. This includes calculating pay rates, preparing all payrolls, deductions and changes on transmittals. The Payroll Department updates the payroll file sent from the Office of the State Controller into the system, prepares documentation and reconciliation reports for medical insurance, works with other agencies to collect payments for items such as: Child support and delinquent taxes, reconciles, deposits, and disburse funds received from Central Payroll that were deducted from employees' checks for various items such as: insurance, annuities, child support and garnishments.


     Toshia Comer           BW Payroll Specialist       910-672-1093       672-1492 fax

     DeSharon Kersey     MN Payroll Specialist       910-672-1350       672-1492 fax

     Seneva Miles            Payroll Supervisor            910-672-1092        672-1492 fax 



Complete form NC-4 if you:
    Plan to claim North Carolina itemized deductions
    Plan to claim Federal adjustements to income

Complete form NC-4EZ if you:
   Plan to claim the North Carolina standard deduction
   Plan to claim no tax credit or only the credit for children
   Prefer not to complete the extended form NC-4
   Qualify to claim exempt status

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