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Program Information

"Come join us for the learning challenge of a lifetime !"

The Department of Criminal Justice at Fayetteville State University proudly announces it is accepting applications for enrollment in the MS in Criminal Justice program.

Program Information

In the development of the MS program in criminal justice, the faculty sought both to create a program that meets national standards for substantive coverage, and yet is distinctive. The result is a degree program that conforms to Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences recommendations, but also has a unique theme.

The curriculum of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice is designed to serve the needs of four primary target audiences:

  1. Students with a BS or BA degree seeking to further their education in criminal justice
  2. Criminal justice professionals and researchers who wish to advance in their careers
  3. Criminal justice and social justice advocates seeking the knowledge and skills to improve the quality of justice in their communities
  4. Military personnel who want to enhance their skills and improve their employment marketability

The students in the MSCJ program have a wide range of academic and professional experiences and aspirations, and come to Fayetteville State with a great variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement management, federal corrections, education, and the armed services.

The requirements of the program ensure a high quality education while also being competitive in the market.   Within the 33 credit hour program, a strong set of core courses (12 credit hours) build a substantial foundation of knowledge with an emphasis on theory and research. Additionally, students have a total of 21 credit hours which they can use to explore a specialization with a number of electives and/or thesis study.   Students opting out of the thesis must take a comprehensive examination.

The GRE can be taken at Fayetteville State University's University Testing Service.  The GRE is offered six days a week (Monday through Saturday).  For a directory of testing sites in the United States, click here.  If you have questions regarding tuition or other university policy issues, please consult the graduate catalog.

Students for whom English is a second language will be required  to demonstrate the ability to communicate in English.   Such students should either provide evidence of a passing score on the TOEFL exam, taken within the past ten years, or evidence of having achieved a four-year degree at an English-speaking institution within the past ten years.

The request for authorization to establish the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program is available here.

The Faculty

The MSCJ faculty is an engaged and energetic team, highly active in research, and in possession of doctoral degrees from some of the most esteemed programs in criminal justice and criminology in the world.  In addition to their education, our faculty boast a broad spectrum of professional experiences, including law enforcement, private security, community, federal, state, and juvenile corrections, mental health services, program evaluation, and law.

If you have questions, or would like to speak to someone about the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, please feel free to call either of the individuals below.

Lori Guevara, Ph,D. Graduate Coordinator: (910) 672-2190

Miriam DeLone, Ph.D.,  Department Chair: (910) 672-1478

Criminal Justice Department Main Office: (910) 672-1478


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