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Course List

The department offers an online Degree Completion program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. All courses follow a similar format and are offered on a consistent rotation. Online courses are not self-paced, they follow the standard course formats and require the same weekly interactions as our campus courses, whether 8 wk or 16 wk courses. Online courses are offered during standard fall, spring and summer semesters. Only upper level (300-400) Criminal Justice courses are offered online. Therefore, this program is most appropriate for students who have completed the University College Core Curriculum and all other lower level Criminal Justice courses (CRJC 200, 201, 215 and 220). Students are required to complete the last 30 hours of credits at Fayetteville State University. At a minimum, students would be required to complete the following Criminal Justice courses at Fayetteville State University:

In order to declare major as for Online Degree Completion student (OCRJ), the university core and intro courses for the Criminal Justice program should be completed.>> for more

CJ Major courses offered online

  • CRJC 411-D1 Criminal Justice Research
  • CRJC 420-D1 Criminological Theory
  • CRJC 450-D1 Seminar in Criminal Justice
CJ Electives cources offered online
  • CRJC 300-D1 Criminal Law
  • CRJC 302-D1 Prisons and Society
  • CRJC 305-D1 Race, Class, and Gender in Criminal Justice
  • CRJC 311-D1 Criminal Justice, Organization, Management and Administration
  • CRJC 333-D1 Police and Society
  • CRJC 340-D1 White Collar Crime
  • CRCJ 351-D1 Special Problems in Criminal Justice Criminology
  • CRJC 361-D1 Comparative Criminal Justice
  • CRJC 370-D1 Special Topic classes in Criminal Justice  


*This program is ideal for the student who only needs upper level CJ courses to complete B.S. in Criminal Justice degree.  Please contact the CJ department for any questions at (910) 672-1478.



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