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EDA University Center at Fayetteville State University

The EDA University Center for Economic Development at FSU was established with a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration to help accelerate regional business expansion.  The mission of the Center is to link businesses with the resources, market information, and financing that will enable them to effectively introduce new products, win new contracts, improve efficiency, and grow successfully. Housed at the School of Business and Economics, the Center is a repository of information, focused particularly on supporting businesses related to defense, agriculture, and energy.



  1. Serve as a resource upon which the public and private industrial economic development groups and businesses in the North Carolina Southeast's 15-county region can contact for assistance.  The Regional Clearinghouse is being developed to house economic development resources.
  2.  Stimulate the expansion of entrepreneurial efforts within the agriculture, defense, and energy industries to support new jobs, save existing jobs, and stimulate new capital investment.
  3. Conduct research studies on the highest potential opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to pursue.



  • Identify organizations that provide resources to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Provide availability of resources on a webserver for public access.
  • Identify businesses within the NCSE's 15-county region.
  • Collaborate with the public and private industrial economic development groups, organizations, and grass root organizations that serves entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Connect resources that are available to entrepreneurs and small businesses to stimulate expansion.
  • Identify new market opportunities in the areas of agriculture, energy, and defense industries.
  • Compile data required to monitor and forecast economic developments in North Carolina, specifically the Southeast's 15-county region.
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JurLonna Walker, MBA
Director, EDA University Center

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