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Department of Educational Leadership

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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Department of Educational Leadership mission is to prepare candidates for leadership in the field of education by teaching arigorous program of study that emphasizes quantitative and qualitative reasoning and critical thinking. The Department produces visionary leaders to serve in the Southeastern region of North Carolina and beyond to become exemplary leaders.Our highest priority is to maintain a learning environment that prepares candidates for leadership careers by setting high academic expectations with a commitment to diversity and academic quality. We are advocates for graduate education and regularly consult with our peer institutions on emerging trends and best practices in graduate studies for continuous program improvements.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Educational Leadership is for its master and doctoral programs to become nationally recognized and accredited based on the CAEP, SPA, and ELCC standards and to continue the tradition of preparing candidates to be critical and analytical leaders. The Educational Leadership Programs are defined primarily by the qualities of the candidates they produce and by the number of graduates who are hired, promoted, and recognized annually among their peers in the Southeastern Region of North Carolina.

Revised and Approved by Faculty: Spring 2016

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina