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Department of Educational Leadership

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Faculty and Staff

Name Title Office Phone (910) Email
Dr. Linda Wilson-Jones Department Chair and Professor BU 340 672-1731
Dr. Ted Kaniuka Assistant Chair Associate Professor BU 340 672-1636
Dr. Miriam Chitiga Associate Professor BU 250 672-1646
Dr. Simone Elias Assistant Professor BU 254 672-1582
Dr. Noran Moffett Professor, Director of ORI BU 315 672-1261
Dr. Jerry Jones Associate Professor BU 252 672-2135
Dr. Mary Ombonga Assistant Professor BU 256 672-1002
Dr. Landon Hadley Adjunct Assistant Professor BU 208 672-2319

Dr. Paris Jones Adjunct Assistant Professor BU 255 672-1262
Mable Hawkins Administrative Support Associate BU 340 672-1731
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