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Samuel Heastie

Dr. Samuel HeastieDr. Samuel Heastie is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership.

A trained Psychologist, Dr. Heastie is a graduate of West Virginia University in Morgantown West Virginia.  He holds the doctorate degree in Educational Psychology, with additional training in Clinical, Counseling, and Human Services Psychology.

A native of the Bahamas and a resident of Fayetteville North Carolina, Dr. Heastie is an energetic and magnetic personality that passionately cares about individuals’ personal development.  He believes that people are their own, and their company’s, greatest resource.  This philosophy of “Self” as a primary determinate of success, failure, or stagnation is strongly reflected in his unique style of training which focuses on understanding who “self” is and what “self” does based on how “self” perceives “self’s” impact on its own environment and on others.

Dr. Heastie’s perspective of training is that all individuals can be trained; and that given the opportunity to be trained, people can learn to perform at optimal levels of efficiency, proficiency, and productivity.  His insight-oriented approach to human development empowers individuals to carefully examine their own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about things they do on a day-to-day base.  Consequently, individuals can determine what brings them personal joy and how such knowledge may be used to improve the quality of their life at work, at home, and beyond.

Dr. Heastie is Assistant Professor in the department of Educational Leadership at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville North Carolina.  He often consults and draws on his academic preparation and his experiences to design, develop, and conduct training programs in customer care, management, leadership and education.  These custom-built workshops are well-suited for businesses, schools, community organizations, and churches.  To date, he has trained professionals and lay persons in the Bahamas and the Unites States in both private and public sectors.  Dr. Heastie manages a counseling center through his church which offers a professional service, free-of-charge, to affiliates and community members.  Because of his ability to speak to numerous issues and to motivate people, Dr. Heastie is often invited by companies and organizations to give motivational speeches and keynote addresses on a wide variety of topics.  He has trained and spoken nationally and internationally. 

Dr. Heastie is married to his wife of twenty one years and is the proud father of teenage daughters Samantha and Ashley.

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