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Dr. Simone Elias

Dr. Simone Elias is an Assistant Professor in the Doctor of Education program. She earned a doctorate in Organizational Leadership Studies from Northeastern University, a master's in Instructional Technology from Cambridge College and a bachelors of science in Business Administration from FEAD.

Prior to joining the Doctor of Education program at the department of Educational Leadership, Dr. Elias held academic faculty positions in Massachusetts and Texas, as well as leadership positions in higher education including developing and leading several academic dialogue programs in South America and Europe.

Dr. Elias' dissertation focused on life story portraits of university presidents and addressed what influenced their leadership style. During her doctoral studies, she was awarded the Academic Excellence Award at the doctoral level, and was the recipient the International New Directions in the Humanities Graduate Scholar Award.  Dr. Elias is a member of various networks including the International Leadership Association and the Association of Latino Professionals For America. She is also a certified online instructor, actively participates in advisory boards, and is an experienced translator and interpreter. 

Dr. Elias' academic training in life story narratives as vehicle for investigating leadership development largely informs her research interests in human development as authentic leaders.  She is particularly interested in understanding and mapping leader's oral accounts of experiences, epiphanies, turning points, critical moments, and contextual/trigger events that influence leadership development and approaches.        



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