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All Elementary Education Department syllabi are posted online for review by students and others in the Fayetteville community. We take great pride in our teaching and encourage everyone to learn more about the work we do in the classroom. All syllabi are in PDF format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

                                        Elementary Education


Course                                Course Title
EDUC- 211-D1 Experiences in Area School
EDUC- 303-01 Teaching the Child with Special Needs
EDUC- 306-D1 Birth- Kindergarten Curriculum Non -Teaching Curriculum
EDUC- 308 D1 Observation and Assessment in Preschool 
EDUC- 309-01 Infant/Toddler Curriculum Development and Field Study ( Teaching, BK LO Only majors)
EDUC- 310-D1 Foundations of Education
EDUC- 310-D2 Foundations of Education
EDUC- 310-D3 Foundations of Education
EDUC- 314-01 Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum Development and Field Study (Teaching, BK LO Only majors)
EDUC-330-D1 Educational Psychology & Human Development
EDUC- 350-01 Introduction to Birth-Kindergarten Education
EDUC- 350-D1 Intro to Birth-Kindergarten Education
EDUC- 361- D1 Family, School and Community
EDUC- 434-D1 Current Issues and Trends in Early Childhood Education
ELEM- 320 Teaching Healthful Living in K-6
ELEM- 335 -01 Math for 21st Century K-6 Teaching
ELEM- 335- 02 Math for 21st Century K-6 Teaching
ELEM- 400 Teaching Communication Skills in K-6
ELEM- 401 Teaching Math & Science K-6
ELEM- 402 Teaching Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts in K-6
ELEM- 451 Classroom Management
ELEM- 471-01 Teaching Internship in the Elementary School
ELEM- 471-02 Teaching Internship in the Elementary School
ELEM- 471 -03 Teaching Internship in the Elementary School
ELEM- 491-01 Professional Seminar
READ- 316-D1 Corrective and Remedial Reading
READ-320-D1 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas
READ-620 Assessment and Evaluation of Reading Problems
READ-370-D1 Language Development and Emerging Literacy
READ- 390 D1 Methods and Materials in Teaching Reading
READ-422 Teaching Reading to Culturally Diverse Children
READ-610 D1 Foundations of Literacy


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