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Anxiety and Severe Weather

As severe weather approaches, it is not uncommon to experience feelings of anxiety regarding personal safety and the safety of loved ones. The following are tips that may be helpful in coping with "weather anxiety".

  1. Remember, it is normal to be somewhat afraid of severe weather. A small amount of anxiety may help you to make preparations should severe weather conditions occur in your area.
  2. Stay informed about weather conditions in your area; however, be careful to avoid becoming obsessed with “up‐to‐the minute” reports and forecasts as this may result in increased anxiety. Limit the amount of time spent listening to weather stations.
  3. Maintain contact with friends and loved ones to obtain reassurance about their safety and your own. Talking with friends and loved ones will help to decrease fearfulness related to the storm.
  4. Avoid being alone if you are particularly afraid of severe weather.
  5. Be sure to follow instructions of local and/or campus authorities on how to prepare for the storm. For example, this may include finding safe places to "ride out" the storm, putting together severe weather safety kits and having available some form of communication. Being prepared is your best strategy against anxiety.
  6. Follow instructions of local and/or campus authorities regarding returning to your homes or dorms. If you feel that your anxiety regarding severe weather is causing panic‐like symptoms, contact the Center for Personal Development at 672‐1222 for assistance.

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