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Emergency Management and Environmental Health & Safety

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Injury and Illness

In case of injury or illness the immediate concern is to aid the injured or ill victim. An employee who is injured on the job or who contracts an occupational disease must seek medical attention from the following approved medical provider:

MEDEX Urgent Care                                                                                                                                                                                                                              504 Owen Dr  Fayetteville, NC 28304
(910) 221-3030

The following procedures are to be used.
  • Call the Workers' Compensation Section of  Human Resources at 672-1825 or University Safety Director at 672-1827 for authorization documentation- immediately. (To be transported call the campus police at 672-1295).
  • Prepare employee's accident report on the North Carolina Industrial Commission Form 18 and North Carolina Office of State Personnel SGWCP Form.
  • Supervisor prepare accident report to be completed within five days of injury
After hour injuries Procedure

Should you have an injured employee or require a drug screen after normal business hours, please follow these instructions:

  • Call MEDEX at  
  • You will be greeted by a live person who will ask a few questions.  You will need to provide the person  with your name,  the name of the company, and the name of the injured employee, your phone number and a brief description of the incident.
  • The person will then dispatch the on call nurse/provider who will return your call within 15 minutes and assess the situation.

At this point, a determination will be made to treat the injured employee in the U.S. Healthworks facility immediately, refer the patient to the hospital Emergency Room if the injury is very serious, or triage the patient and have the patient seen the next day during regular office hours.  The type and severity of the injury will determine the appropriate course of action.

Whether or not treatment is rendered immediately, they can conduct any drug screen/breath alcohol according to our post accident protocol immediately in their facility.

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