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Emergency Management and Environmental Health & Safety

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I. Administration and Responsibility

  • Policy Statement.
  • Safety and Health Director's Responsibility.
  • Supervisor's Responsibility.
  • Human Resources Office Responsibility.
  • Employee's Responsibility.
Policy Statement

The University has established a safety and health program for employees to promote a safe and healthful working environment based on clearly stated goals or objectives. The program provides managers, supervisors, and employees with a clear understanding of the University's concern for protecting employees from job-related injuries and illnesses; preventing accidents and fires, planning for emergencies and emergency medical conditions. The purpose also assist members of the university community in identifying and controlling physical, chemical and biological hazards in the workplace; communicating potential hazards to employees; and assuring adequate housekeeping. 
It is the policy of Fayetteville State University to ensure that each department has access to the written safety and health program, which is designed to protect its employees from work related injuries and illnesses.  The program includes written components and operating safety committees as required by Article 63 of Chapter 143 and Chapter 126-4 of the General Statues.
Additionally, the University will comply with all state, federal and local regulations as well as safe work practices.

Safety and Health Director's Responsibility

The Safety and Health Director is responsible for implementation and maintenance the University's Workplace Requirement Program for Safety and Health.  Additional responsibilities include:

  1. Development of a risk assessment based methodology for use in correcting workplace hazards on a priority basis throughout the University.
  2. Development of the University's safety and health documentation system for review.
  3. Establishment of long-range safety and health goals.
  4. Submission of an annual report to university’s senior administration and the Office of state Personnel indicating achievements and identifying major problem areas, annual goals and objectives, long-range plans and funding needs.
  5. Promotion of safety and health program will use posters, flyers and similar correspondence. Communication will be routed to unit heads/supervisors to be disseminated to employees.
Supervisor's Responsibility

Each supervisor is responsible for providing safe working conditions for those being supervised and for following up on violation of safe working conditions.  Each supervisor is also responsible for knowing the safety and health guidelines, investigating accidents, reporting of accidents and properly advising higher management of appropriate situations.

Facility Management Responsibility

The Facility Management is responsible for ensuring that the University complies with the State Workplace Requirement Program for Safety and Health. The Vice Chancellor for Facilities and the Safety Director will establish lines of communication between state agencies to refine and expand the program.  This is to be accomplished by receiving consultative services provided by Employee Risk Control Services Division of Office of State Personnel.  The Safety Office is also responsible for the coordination of training and technical assistance within the University's departments.

Employee's Responsibility

Each employee is to place safety and health requirements as his/her first priority in the performance of his/her duties to the University.  The protection of fellow employees and the public on University property is a shared responsibility of every employee.

Employees are responsible for notifying his/her immediate supervisor of a safety and health violation or deficiency in their area, making recommendations for corrective measures, if possible.  Additionally, the employee's immediate supervisor is to be notified of every injury/accident, regardless of how trivial such incident may appear at that time. 

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