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Emergency Management and Environmental Health & Safety

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Building Emergency Supplies & Equipment

Fire Extinguishers are located on each floor around kitchenettes, copy rooms, or restroom and hallways.

AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are located in these buildings as listed: Barber Building, 1st Floor elevator, McLead Hall, Front Entrance, Capel Arena, Front Entrance, Chestnutt Library, 1st floor by checkout counter, Lyon Science Annex, 1st floor lobby, Mitchell Building, Lobby, Rudolph Jones Student Center, Ramp by ATM, Seabrook Auditorium, 1st floor elevator, S.B.E Building, 1st floor elevator, Williams Hall, Entrance toward Mitchell (1st floor)

CERT Team Response Kits containing personal protective equipment, hand tools, flashlights and various emergency response supplies are located in the EHS office and with team members.

Disaster First Aid kits are located in the EHS office.

Flashlights, extra batteries, bullhorns, and other emergency equipment are kept as a cache at the EHS office for use by building life safety staff.

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