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Emergency Management and Environmental Health & Safety

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III. Procedure for Responding to Injuries and Illnesses

  • Emergency Service.
  • First Aid Kits and Supplies.
  • Infirmary, First Aid, Healthcare Provider.

In case of injury or illness the immediate concern is to aid the injured or sick victim. The following procedure is to be used.

  1. Get appropriate medical attention campus police at 1911.
  2. Call workers compensation section of Human Resources (672-1825) for authorization documentation-immediately.
  3. Prepare employee's accident report - within 24 hours; and,
  4. Prepare supervisor's accident report - within 5 business days.  The Industrial Commission must receive reportable injuries and illnesses within 5 business days of the time the injury or illness was reported, using the IC Form 19.  OSHA recordable injuries and illnesses must be logged within 6 working days of the day they were reported and fatalities and hospitalization of more than 3 employees must be called in within 8 hours. The phone numbers to call during regular working hours is 1-800-LABOR-NC and after hours call capital police at 919-733-4646.
Emergency Service

The need for first aid or first aid related matters could be addressed to:

Campus Police: 1911
Safety Office: 672-1827
FSU Infirmary: 672-1454
Poison Control: 1-800-672-1697

First Aid Kits and Supplies

A first aid kit, equipped and maintained with the appropriate supplies, will be readily accessible in areas where individual are housed or have their principal workplace.  Such first aid kits will accessible to all personnel in the area.  All personnel or occupants working are to be made aware of the location and availability of the first aid equipment.

First aid equipment has been purchased from the vendor listed:

Texilease First Aid Service

Infirmary, First Aid, Healthcare Provider

If a job-related accident or injury necessitates emergency transportation to Cape Fear Valley or High Smith-Rainey Hospital, the University campus police will summon EMS for transportation. 
An employee injured on the job may receive emergency first-aid at Student Health Services (infirmary) on the day of the injury only. Employees are not eligible for follow-up care or other medical services at Student Health services.

Employees are to contact the Workers Compensation section of Human Resources (672-1825) subsequent to obtaining first aid/medical services if injury occurs on the job.

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